Patch 5.12 Economy Changes Detailed

NikoPower on the NA Forums has posted a handy table outlining what the recent changes to repair costs mean for each individual ship. Generally speaking, high-tier tech tree ships are affected the most, while premium ships are still helped by the changes, just not as much because they don’t exactly need help earning credits.

The table is below, with a bit more explanation of how/why the changes were made in the source post on the forums.

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PT 5.12 New Economy, Armour Changes

A post by Ph3lan on the EU Forums has outlined some changes coming to the public test (and probably live release) of patch 5.12, and it’s quite important. Here’s a quick summary, followed by the full quote:

  • Battleship bow armour and destroyer hull armour changes have been cancelled.
  • Tier 8-10 Cruisers will still get the new steering modification, and now tier 8-10 destroyers will get it as well.
  • Repair fees based on damage taken are being replaced by a fixed cost, hoped to reduce operating costs of tier 10 ships by about 50,000 credits.

The quote:

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NA Repair Costs Change

I mentioned previously that the reduced high-tier repair cost on NA was going to be continued for another month. This is still true, but there’s a little twist to the story now: the affected tiers are from 7 to 10, rather than 8 to 10, and repair costs at tier 10 are now reduced by 40% instead of 25%, the discount for tiers 7 to 9.

Another note brought up here is that this doesn’t affect premium ships – not that they really need it.