Sub_Octavian Reddit Q&A

Seems like Sub_Octavian, whom we’ve recently seen posting a lot on the NA forums, has now gone all the way to Reddit to spread information and apparently learn more about the community and stuff. An interesting goal; we’ll see where it goes. Over on the EU forums, Takeda92 has listed the most stand-out ones, and I’ve included my own additions from the original Q&A. Enjoy!

Q; Might not be within your ability to answer but misght as well ask.

Any plans to reduce the amount of BBs in game and improve CA/CL to make them more desirable?

A: We would like to make cruisers more popular. This is why they get rudder mod.3 in 0.5.12. Other tweaks will be introduced later.

In our concept of ideal class distribution, BBs should have 25-30% of popularity. It works more or less, but on some realms/tiers they exceeded this limit.

We don’t want global nerfs and will try to avoid them at all costs – this is why we cancelled bow plating reduction. But some smaller, more precise actions will be taken.

Q: Are you accounting with that 25-30% popularity with:

  1. CV limit, so there is more room for other ships.
  2. Outside of the game popularity of battleships, which are just much more popular than other classes, which can easily be confirmed by reading forum speculation threads – most of the discussion is about battleships there.

A: Yes and yes. The 2nd one is especially difficult – battleships are epic and attract many players, but in-game they must be balanced with other classes.

Q: I think the question that’s bugging most of us is what the hell is going on with the British Cruisers.

A: The initial concept implied too much “HE-smoke-spam-click-click” meta gameplay, which we really don’t want to support more. We want each line to offer some unique experience rather than being clone of previous lines.

We are testing a new concept, the 2-nd edition didn’t show good results on production test, then we improved it and will tests 3-rd edition. For now, it seems to be much closer to what we want. I am not sure the line will be ready by 0.5.13, though. We’ll see.

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Reddit Q&A – 17/08/16

As previously, Quemapueblos, staff of WGNA, has done a Q&A on reddit. Again, it’s not as comprehensive as the Russian dev Q&As, but some very important info has come from these Q&As in the past; they’re well worth a read, even if it’s a very long read, at that. Enjoy!


1.) Any plans to add HMCS Haida as a premium ship? Given her service record with Blyskawica and the already hinted at Z-32 along with the fact that she is a musuem ship would make a great premium addition. The Canadian fans would be quite happy. You could even make a “Naval Legends” episode on her!

2.) The Tier X British cruiser Minotaur has 3 inch secondary guns that fire at 90 rounds per minute, would this be a balancing problem?

3.) What is your favorite German battleship so far in WOWS?

4.) What premium ship would you personally want to see in WOWS?


  1. Not for this year but this one is starting to surpass the cries for Kitakami and Enterprise. It’s on our radar as a community request
  2. I can’t wait for the secondary builds 😉
  3. I enjoyed the Konig quite a bit while testing. Bismarck was a close second but I’ll have to see if my opinion changes after I grind up the line. As for premiums, I like the Scharn more than the Tirpitz or Albert. The rate of fire was nice
  4. 4 WORDS (well, 3 and a letter) SOLID GOLD KAMIKAZE R

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Reddit Q&A – 29/07/16

Quemapueblos, from the NA server side of things, just recently did yet another Q&A on reddit, and while it’s perhaps not as detailed or informative as some of the dev Q&As, there’s still a lot of good information here – including a particularly interesting bit that I expected but was never confirmed: German destroyers hopefully coming this year!

Q: Do we have an ETA on any more CV changes? I would like to see the CV interface fixed (I know that it has been promised) as well as CVs in general.

A: Sorry no big updates on CVs reworks since last QueNA but to reiterate there are two major changes we are trying to squeeze in this year that will dramatically affect CVs.

First, including more bonuses for teamwork like spotting and second, reworking the UI so it’s more responsive. Our goal is a quickness and responsiveness something similair to a fast paced RTS like starcraft.

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5.8 and Refer a Friend Reddit Q&A

On Reddit (and Facebook, too, but mostly Reddit) Quemapueblos from the NA Forums did another Q&A! We’ve been rather dry of official info lately, and this one is pretty good and quite long as well; a chunk of it is about a new feature that is being rolled out, the Refer A Friend program, which is currently only available for NA but will also be brought to the other servers as well in time.

Basically, you send someone a the referral link, they start playing WoWs, and the farther they progress the more stuff you get. When they get a tier 6 ship, you get a big pack of goodies, up to three times.

Q: The Refer a Friend thing is cool and all but I’ve already introduced all my friends into WoWs. Kinda wish this program was around before. :/

A: Sorry chief but we won’t be going back and rewarding for previous invites. Regrettably it would be quite hard for us to retroactively try to verify who invited who. The program only covers new users though if they have a WG account and only have played WoT or WoWp they are still eligible to be invited. 😦

Q: Can you refer someone if they already have a WG account (for example, if they play World of Tanks) but have never played WOWS, or is it only for completely new accounts?

A: World of Tanks accounts can be invited as well! Just as long as they haven’t decided to log into Warships recently

EDIT: As Boyarksy mentioned below, they can still be invited as long as they are below Account level 3

Boyarsky-WG: Actually, there are 2 eligibility requirements for recruits: 1. Haven’t played ships for last 3 months OR 2. Have Service Record Level 3 or lower.

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