Ranked Battles Season 5

The new season of Ranked Battles has been officially announced, along with the specifics of this season: rules, rewards, and so on. The start date is October 1st, and there are two tier groups: the first, from rank 23 up to rank 16, for T6, the second then on being T8.

Unlike previous seasons, it’s not 5/6 and 7/8, only those two tiers in their own leagues. The last “safe” rank you can’t go back from is rank 12, and bonus stars for going up a rank stop with rank 10. Just like last season, if you’re the top player on your (losing) team you do not lose a star. Unfortunately, it seems that even if you’re a stellar player, it’ll still be a painful grind all the way up to rank 1 unless you’ve got godlike luck.

There are two new flags to get, as well: the Jolly Roger 3, and this season’s exclusive flag, that of Wilhelmshaven:

Sources: EU News Portal, RU News Portal


Talkin’ Ship Global Publishing Producer Interview

I’ve been away from home lately, haven’t been able to update the site at all, but here’s something from a few days ago: an interview with the Wargaming Global Publishing Producer, asking some questions about future stuff for WoWs. On reddit, godzilla5549 has transcribed the video, which I’ll share here:

  • Kitakami will make an appearance in the future at some point. Only available for high skilled players as a reward (or something else). Will never be on sale.
  • “Going back to the drawing board” for Ranked and Team Battles
  • Team Battles will be redone more extensively – “Likely not to be finished until the end of the year”
  • They are happy with experimenting with different settings each Ranked Season to find what is the best choice for each region
  • “Pretty significant differences between regions” in terms of what they like for Ranked Battles
  • “Too many redesigns too many times means that we don’t know what we are doing and should just scrap the mode”
  • On the method of releasing major patches – “We have one deployment team and 5 servers. We have to do them one by one.”

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Russian Video Translation

On the EU forums, Babykim has translated a video done by the Russian YouTuber getfun that involves the new version of the British cruisers, since they were changed from DD-like ships with smoke and good HE shells. Let’s just say that not everyone’s going to be happy with this, not at all.

The new RN cruisers:

All cruisers, except tier 5, have AP only.

(nerf) Their alpha damage is lowered initially 3200, to

1400 till tier 4

1500 on tiers 5 to 8

1600 on tier 9 to 10.

(buff) When a RN cruiser AP shell hits anywhere except the citadel, its damage will be 1/2, instead of the usual 1/6.

(nerf) There will be no smoke consumable.

(buff) The will be an improved Engine Boost, that increases the speed by 15 percent, instead of the usual 8 [0.8%, perhaps?] percent. The improved boost takes the fighter slot. This allows simultaneously taking Damage Control Party, Hydroacoustic Search and the (improved) Engine Boost consumables.

There is still no Defensive AA Fire consumable.

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Russian Q&A – 11/09/16

Yet more translations from Babykim, and it seems like different devs (Vessery in this instance) are doing the Q&As – as we’ve seen, Sub_Octavian seems to be taking some time to go about the NA forums. Unexpected, but not a bad thing, as long as we get good info out of it either way.

Q: Do the signal flags such as Victor Lima and India X-Ray increase the chance of setting fire with secondaries?
A: Currently, signal flags affect the main battery and bombs only. We plan to extend the bonus to secondaries in one of the next patches.

Q: The USS Flint will be gifted to players who took the first rank three times. It you continue gifting ships based on a series of ranks, than people who started late (before the announcement of such gifts) will always be behind.
A: Yes, but you still have the chance of getting the Flint for taking the first rank three times. Besides, we have to honor those who take first rank every season.

Q: The IJN Yubari has very limited torpedo arcs. Is this a deliberate nerf?
A: No. The 20 deg arcs are given by the actual location of the tubes on the hull.

Q: Does destroying modules on an enemy ship give you experience or credits?
A: No.

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Ranked Battles: Early October!

MrConway on the EU forums has confirmed some more information regarding the upcoming season 5 of Ranked Battles. Keep in mind that this is EU-specific information, though, so it really might not apply to NA or ASIA; Ranked for EU started later last season, if you remember. Here’s what he had to say, specifically:


The next season of ranked battles will be upon us soontm!

We have some preliminary information for you to get yourselves, your ships and your captains ready for the new season!

Single tier leagues:

  • To make all matches entirely fair in regards to the ship tier, every rank will have only one ship tier allowed!

Safe ranks:

  • Safe ranks have been slightly increased (up to rank 16)


  • Up to rank 16: Tier VI
  • Rank 15 – rank 1: Tier VIII


  • Early October (stay tuned on the portal for an exact date)

I’m guessing that early October is also when the Royal Navy’s cruisers will be released. Hopefully, on the NA server at least, there won’t be an issue of low server population like there was in season 3 and earlier, which also featured tier 8 battles. It’s been a while since then, so I’d like to be optimistic.

Source: EU Forums

Ranked Battles Starting Soon

According to a staff post on the ASIA forums, Ranked Battles are due to start again soon. It seems to me like they’re going to be coinciding with the release of the British cruiser line, most likely. Here’s exactly what has been revealed so far:

  • Ship Tiers – VI and VIII
  • When – Around October to November for the start.

Maybe this time I’ll really finally get to Rank 1.

Source: ASIA Forums

Russian Q&A – 04/08/16

Though he’s been away for a bit, Carnotzet has caught up with and translated the regular Russian Forums Q&A with Sub_Octavian. Reading over the three different Q&A-type things we’ve had recently, it’s interesting to see how they compare. Sometimes the different sources really don’t all agree; seeing what the Russians have access to makes the new EU Q&A look fairly shoddy in comparison.

First series (2 August)

1. The current economy (how credits and xp are earned) encourages passive gameplay for BB’s, especially in Ranked battles where passiveness helps to keep a star on a defeat. Are you happy with this situation?

A. No, we are not, it is not an enjoyable situation. We do not like it as well. That is why in the next few updates we plan to rework the economy system by rewarding more teamplay actions.

2. Are there any plans to introduce flags, upgrades or skills that increase radar (duration, distance)?

A. We do not plan to but the idea is interesting. I will send it to my colleagues.

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