Patch 5.12 Notes

Arriving September 28th (for NA) and September 29th (for everyone else), patch 5.12 is here with a number of changes, but not the Japanese destroyers nor the British cruisers; those are hopefully due out next month if everything goes well. Here’s a summary of what is in the patch, though:

  • You now receive credits and XP for spotting ships and aircraft, for the damage allies do to the enemies you spot, and for blocking damage with your armour.
  • Ship repair costs have been drastically changed, and now are fixed rather than being scaled based on damage taken. Overall, repair costs are now lower for all ships, especially aircraft carriers and all high-tier ships.
  • Aircraft carriers now get more credits/XP for shooting down enemy aircraft.
  • If you do nothing in a battle (ie. botting/AFK) you get no credits or XP at all.
  • New sound and voiceovers!
  • Cruisers and destroyers of tier 8 and up have access to the Steering Gears Modification 3 upgrade, reducing rudder shift time.
  • New map, “Shards,” for tiers 7-10.
  • Various other balance and interface changes, and so on.

The full notes can be found at the source below. Enjoy!




WoWs OST Released

After a long time of people begging and pleading with WG, they’ve finally (for the Russians, anyhow) released part of the really great soundtrack that the game has. Though the graphics are decent at best, the music in WoWs is really something spectacular, and it’s just nice to have that music easily accessible.

I’ll note, however, that this isn’t actually the full soundtrack. If you want to listen to absolutely all of the tracks that are or have been in the game, Hellcat on YouTube has all 200 or so of them for your enjoyment, having collected them all over the course of the game’s history. A link to both the official WG download and Hellcat’s channel are below.

For the WG download, just click on the one that says MP3 or FLAC depending on which file format you want it in, and then it should start downloading a zip file with the tracks.

Sources: RU News Portal, Hellcat’s Youtube Page