New Arpeggio Missions For NA

The Arpeggio missions are wrapping up now, since the partnership between the anime and WG ends as of January 2017. So, after waiting so long for new missions, NA is getting plenty of them at once; the final mission, for all servers, is expected to be for ARP Takao, is coming in November.

This month’s missions are for Nachi and Haguro, a pair of Myoko-class cruisers; the former’s missions can be done by T6+ ships, the latter’s T4-5. The missions last all of October.

They both require you to deal a total of 1,300,000 damage over three missions, but you’ll have to grind each separately due to the tier restrictions. Nachi won’t be so hard, but Haguro might prove to be annoying considering the same amount of damage needs to be done in ships that generally don’t have as much firepower as, say, T10 battleships. Good luck!



NA Server Pirate Day

Today is Talk Like a Pirate day, and the devs went so far as to get Jon St. John, the famous voice actor for Duke Nukem, to do a pirate voiceover for the in-battle announcer. It’s just a little bit of fun, and for just one day, there’s a simple mission to get a pirate flag. Not the Ranked flag, mind you, but a different, not as special one – but still cool looking.


Taiwanese Commemorative Flag Mission

Way back when, a special Taiwanese commemorative flag was added to the game, hidden in the files and not really doing much. Now, only on the ASIA server, there’s an incredibly easy mission which gives you the flag once you’ve completed it.

Really, all you need to do is play a tier 2 or higher ship and win a match. Simple, unless the universe decides to hate you all of a sudden.


EU: British Captain/Campbeltown Missions

While there aren’t any new Arpeggio missions for the EU server, they get something that’s interesting in and of itself. Through a few relatively simple missions, you can earn both the decidedly unexceptional tier 3 British destroyer Campbeltown, as well as a 12-point captain for her as well, which could prove to be useful for the coming cruiser line.

It’s nothing amazing, but in my mind it’s a bit more relevant than more Arpeggio missions, as much as they were missed on the NA server. Also, it saves you some time from having to grind a new captain. Sensible!


New Arpeggio Missions – NA & ASIA

For September, both the NA and ASIA server (no, not EU) are getting some more Arpeggio missions to unlock ships; the missions can be completed throughout the month.

NA gets the opportunity, finally, to unlock Ashigara and Hiei, a Myoko-class and Kongo-class respectively. Both come with a six-point captain, too, but the catch this time is that the Hiei missions can only be completed in a tier 4 or 5 ship, and the Ashigara missions in a tier 6 or higher ship – in other words, you can’t work on both at the same time.

ASIA gets a new Arpeggio ship, Nachi, also a Myoko-class. These missions are also restricted to tier 6+ ships, but you also get a 12-point captain at the end of it.

Again, the Arpeggio ships aren’t premium ships, they don’t earn more credits or XP than usual, but they’re free to earn through missions.

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Olympic Missions on NA, with Flag

There are a few relatively easy missions on the NA server, and after completing all of them, you get a special commemorative flag dedicated to the Summer Olympics.

The missions all require you to get top XP on your team in either PvP or PvE, in each of the four ship classes. It’s nothing really special, but these missions aren’t too hard and you get a free commemorative flag out of it to hang on your ships, so it’s worth it – if you’re playing on the NA server, that is.


NA: Reduced Repair Costs and More


The other day, the Russian monthly events for July were revealed; it’s nothing particularly amazing, except for the fact that they get to have the nice new premium ship Krasny Krym as the ultimate reward for a set of missions; this got people quite upset, especially on the EU server, and rightly so.

I can’t say much for EU, but the NA server gets quite a lot this time around! Namely, reduced repair costs – more on that in a moment – the USS Arizona released for Independence Day, along with missions to get the tier 2 battleship Mikasa. It’s definitely quite an exciting month, but I suppose it’d be strange if it wasn’t.

For tiers 7 to 9, repair costs are being reduced by 25%; for tier 10, they’ve being reduced by 40%. The EU server is just getting the same old 25% discount to tiers 8-10.

This is just for July, and not for premium ships, though. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Wargaming were to extend this repair discount, or even eventually make it permanent; right now the RU server is getting the same thing, and it seems to have had an excellent effect on higher tiers.

And yes, that’s a cheeky wallpaper of Scharnhorst up above, from the EU server. At least they get one good thing!

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