Sub_Octavian Reddit Q&A

Seems like Sub_Octavian, whom we’ve recently seen posting a lot on the NA forums, has now gone all the way to Reddit to spread information and apparently learn more about the community and stuff. An interesting goal; we’ll see where it goes. Over on the EU forums, Takeda92 has listed the most stand-out ones, and I’ve included my own additions from the original Q&A. Enjoy!

Q; Might not be within your ability to answer but misght as well ask.

Any plans to reduce the amount of BBs in game and improve CA/CL to make them more desirable?

A: We would like to make cruisers more popular. This is why they get rudder mod.3 in 0.5.12. Other tweaks will be introduced later.

In our concept of ideal class distribution, BBs should have 25-30% of popularity. It works more or less, but on some realms/tiers they exceeded this limit.

We don’t want global nerfs and will try to avoid them at all costs – this is why we cancelled bow plating reduction. But some smaller, more precise actions will be taken.

Q: Are you accounting with that 25-30% popularity with:

  1. CV limit, so there is more room for other ships.
  2. Outside of the game popularity of battleships, which are just much more popular than other classes, which can easily be confirmed by reading forum speculation threads – most of the discussion is about battleships there.

A: Yes and yes. The 2nd one is especially difficult – battleships are epic and attract many players, but in-game they must be balanced with other classes.

Q: I think the question that’s bugging most of us is what the hell is going on with the British Cruisers.

A: The initial concept implied too much “HE-smoke-spam-click-click” meta gameplay, which we really don’t want to support more. We want each line to offer some unique experience rather than being clone of previous lines.

We are testing a new concept, the 2-nd edition didn’t show good results on production test, then we improved it and will tests 3-rd edition. For now, it seems to be much closer to what we want. I am not sure the line will be ready by 0.5.13, though. We’ll see.

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Yamato Featured in WoT Blitz

That weird World of Tanks smartphone game, World of Tanks Blitz, will soon have a map featuring the mighty battleship Yamato!

Or, at least, an… interesting interpretation of the Japanese battleship Yamato. See, this is why we need to be at least a little thankful for the hard work that the WoWs modellers do on the in-game ships. The models might not be flawless yet, but they’re certainly far from bad.


World of Warships Future Content

Two of the new, interesting things coming to World of Warships in the future – hopefully, at least – are going to be crew animations in port and loot crates.

The crew animations look really cool, even if they’re just a little bit of flavour for your ships in the port. There isn’t going to be anything gameplay-related involved in the crew, and crewmembers almost certainly won’t be visible in battle, but it adds some much-needed life to the port in an interesting way.

The other upcoming feature seems to be a bit bigger. I’ve posted before about what seem to be Loot Boxes or something like that, but there’s been some mixed information about what exactly they are and how they’re going to work. The Q&A from earlier implied that they weren’t anything particularly new or special, but this official video looks very much otherwise.

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Gamescom Q&A #2

That last Q&A I posted, the one from the official news portal, wasn’t particularly great, but here’s another one from Gamescom provided by Aetam writing for Shipcomrade; the answers are coming from Jacek Pudlik, Associate Publishing Producer for Wargaming. While I don’t agree with all the answers provided, they’re fairly in-depth and frank about the topics at hand.

I’ve put any notes of my own in brackets within the Q&A itself.

On Quality of Life Changes

Wargaming wants to add more convenience features.

For example, they want to use supply boxes to announce awards. Few players check their notifications and as a result, many player do not even realize when they receive rewards. The idea here would be to have a supply ship visibly deliver the award to your port to bring special attention to gains. So the next time you unlock something, such as by leveling your account, you’ll have immediate feedback that you were awarded for that achievement.

The karma system remains a work in progress.

They are working on a multi-cluster server system which will reduce, maybe even eliminate, down times for patches. They want to introduce the option of pre-downloading a patch. So you could set a limit for the download speed and simply pre-download a patch in the background, while doing something else.

Unfortunately, they have not been able to unify the currencies between World of Warships and World of Tanks. The economies between the two games are very different and one (or both) would need to be changed to account for this.

While launch dates for new ships are not synchronized, the idea is to have them happening within 9 days of one another. [Not sure exactly what this means, regarding 9 days – probably premium ship launches across servers?]

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Patch 5.5 Announced, Public Test Soon

Weather, new maps, and more

It’s not a big “content” patch, like the one that added Russian destroyers and German cruisers, but patch 5.5 will be bringing a number of smaller features that add quite a bit to the game. There’s too much to directly post all of it, but I’ll give a summary after the break.

Also, there’s a public test which starts today, so make sure you have the PT client downloaded!

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Russian Q&A – 14/04/16

Some more Q&A from the forums, translated by Carnotzet. A bunch of this is just confirmation of what was very recently leaked, but there’s some new stuff in there as well, and a bit about the armour viewer.

Developers think that experienced players will like the new short range torpedoes and won’t lose their effectiveness. The changes aren’t targeting IJN DD’s or their captains but the mindless long range torpedo spam that some players were doing blindly. Such tactics shouldn’t be efficient.

There are several elements missing from the patch notes, such as Ishizuchi and Izumo buff, Russian DD’s buff (concealment and torps for low-tier, chance of fire for high-tier), a decrease in rudder and engines incapacitation duration for all ships, interface improvements and many more. They will all be included in the release patch notes.

The number of maps with the new weather effects is still limited. Only one map, North, has gameplay changing weather (reduced visibility). For Ocean, Salomon Islands, Break, Big Race, New Dawn, Atlantic, Fault Line, Ice Islands, Two Brothers, Land of Fire, Split [Probably Strait, I imagine], Mountain Range, Land of Volcanoes and Trap, the weather changes will occur at the start of the battle.

CV sniping was bad for everyone. A team that loses a CV at the start of the battle – it’s bad. AA specialized cruisers that stay behind to protect their CV’s without supporting the rest of the team – also bad. These changes are not buffs to CV’s, but a buff to all players’ gameplay.

New Matchmaker is still in development (will be released in one of the following updates).

Ishizuchi buffs: her rudder and engines will be protected against being knocked out by splash damage; reload rate increased.

New burning effect (can be disabled)

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