English Q&A – 27/09/16

Yes, another one of these, from Sub_Octavian, and formatted for easier reading by godzilla5549 on Reddit. I have to wonder what made Sub_Octavian start posting on the NA Forums all of a sudden. The EU Forums would probably make more sense, considering the greater population size of their server, but who knows. Anyhow, here’s the Q&A!

As you might know by now if you’ve kept up with Sub_Octavian’s Q&As, it’s long.


HI Sub_Octavian!

You caught my interest when you said you were an analytics person. Can you say more about the kinds of data and analyses that WG uses to determine whether gameplay changes are needed? Nothing proprietary, of course. For example, it is a very common practice among players to compare average winrates among ships in order to judge their relative effectiveness. However, I would imagine that with the full data set, you could do separate comparisons of effectiveness when, e.g. playing as the lowest-tier ship, or in CV vs. non-CV games. Do you use an internal regression of some sort to account for player skill when looking at balance? Do third-party ratings like WTR come close to approximating the kinds of things WG takes into account? Or do you do mostly analytics on the customer base, rather than the ships?

Regarding gameplay mechanics, I am curious about the penetration mechanic for multiple layers of armor, e.g. turtleback, front bulkhead, citadel wall. I usually see armor described as Layer1(mm) + Layer2(mm) + Layer3(mm), sometimes with effective thicknesses given due to different angling of the layers (i.e. perpendicular to Layer1 will hit Layer2 at an angle). My question is regarding overmatched armor layers — if this occurs, will they still reduce further penetration, and if so, at what effective angle are they assessed? Is it zero (overmatched armor ignored)? Is it assessed at 28mm @ 60 degrees (autobounce angle)? Is it 28mm @ true angle (perhaps as steep is 80+ degrees)? This is of interest currently, because the proposed 28mm bow/aft armor changes to high-tier battleships mean that they could be taking a lot of shells in an overmatched section that subsequently challenges the (angled) citadel wall, and I am interested in understanding what kinds of angling will be viable on different ships (e.g. NC and Iowa have an extremely large bow section, and a very small, thin belt for battleships).

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Talkin’ Ship Global Publishing Producer Interview

I’ve been away from home lately, haven’t been able to update the site at all, but here’s something from a few days ago: an interview with the Wargaming Global Publishing Producer, asking some questions about future stuff for WoWs. On reddit, godzilla5549 has transcribed the video, which I’ll share here:

  • Kitakami will make an appearance in the future at some point. Only available for high skilled players as a reward (or something else). Will never be on sale.
  • “Going back to the drawing board” for Ranked and Team Battles
  • Team Battles will be redone more extensively – “Likely not to be finished until the end of the year”
  • They are happy with experimenting with different settings each Ranked Season to find what is the best choice for each region
  • “Pretty significant differences between regions” in terms of what they like for Ranked Battles
  • “Too many redesigns too many times means that we don’t know what we are doing and should just scrap the mode”
  • On the method of releasing major patches – “We have one deployment team and 5 servers. We have to do them one by one.”

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English(!) Q&A – 20/09/16

In what I find to be a hilarious turn of events, there’s a new Q&A in English, done by none other than Sub_Octavian – yes, the same dev who usually does the Russian Q&As. Ah, what a world we live in.

Anyhow, he gave his usual detailed answers to some good questions, which are given below; the Q&A itself was lovingly formatted by godzilla5549 on reddit, because the actual Q&A itself on the NA forums is split up over a number of posts in one thread. It’s pretty long, too, so be prepared for quite the read.


Is there an internal focus on making Aircraft Carriers more into a “support” class? I know from previous responses that you (WG St.Petersburg) intend to make the Air Superiority loadouts more popular as a means to “support” or “help” the team and defend from other Aircraft Carrier attacks. My problem with this is that currently Air Superiority carriers do not really do much for the team, and I can easily play a Strike (no fighters) carrier and have much more effect on the battle. An Air Superiority carrier cannot defend from my attacks, and as such, does not really “help” the team at all. I much prefer to be dealing direct damage, as I have a much greater influence on the outcome of a battle and can provide support to the team by taking out high valued targets.

I also would like to note that I would take no issue with Air Superiority carriers if fighter combat was changed so that the problem of “fighter locking” was dealt with. Currently, fighter combat is far too simplistic and an Air Superiority carrier does not have to have the same skill level (at least in my own opinion) as a carrier that focuses on striking enemy surface ships. An Air Superiority carrier just has to have his fighters engage your planes by fighter locking and does not really have to do much else.


Hi. We are not going to remove damage/strike role, it is more a question of choice and opportunities to play differently and be rewarded for that. Overall, CVs need some re-work not even in terms of balance, but in terms of learning curve, UI and overall handling. We do realize that, but won’t be able to do much in the nearest versions. However, CV gameplay may be improved and diversified in some time.

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EU Community Q&A – 03/08/16

If you remember, I posted a little while back about a new EU Community Q&A that’s planned, with people on the EU forums submitting questions and WG staff giving official answers. Of course it wouldn’t ever be anything quite like the Russian Q&A, but it’s an attempt, and an okay one at that. Any information – as long as it’s not dodgy or semi-official – is good to know.

Not all is good, though. While Ph3lan posted answers to lots of questions, not all of the more interesting ones people came up with were answered, and some of the answers given are either complete non-answers (TBD, etc) or just kind of generic.

As for the overall quality – that, I’ll let you decide! Enjoy the first real EU Q&A.

  1. Is there any progress at work on clans? When can we expect them and are they still coming? We understand that CWs are still faraway future (unfortunately) but we would appreciate at least clan tags, so players could start to gather together.

    We are still working on Clans and they should be arriving this year – we are aware of their importance for our audience and for any sort of team-based gameplay. But we can already tell you that the WoWs clans will be separate from the WoT ones.

  2. Are you planning any kind of official league / nice big tournament before the clans will be launched?

    So far we have only been organizing big, server wide event like the Grand Naval Battles, Project R, etc. Organizing a tournament would require using the training room and this is a feature of the game which we are still not ready to incorporate into the game.

  3. When are you going to finally unify gold from WoT/WoWp with doubloons in WoWs as you promised at the beginning of the game? it shouldn’t be a problem as doubloons have the same value as gold. There are players who bought big packages of gold in WoT/WoWp because they’ve been told the economy is going to be unified and they feel like they’ve been cheated.
    When the free XPs are going to be unified, as it was promised?
    Are gold and doubloons going to be unified? Currently is not possible to change your name with doubloons, but only with gold for example.

    Consolidation of the accounts is a staged process. So far, the announcement from September 2015 still stands: Currently Premium Time is unified for the whole World of trilogy, as are logins, passwords, account names. Information about any further unification will come with a separate announcement.

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EU Forums New Q&A Sessions

Since WoWs was released, the only regular Q&A has been the one on the Russian forums, and we’ve had to get information from it via translations done by helpful people like Carnotzet. This is fine enough because we get the information one way or another, but te Russian players are quite different from EU players, and there’s still the language barrier between the players outside of RU and the devs.

Now, on the EU forums, Ph3lan has posted an official Q&A thread for people to ask questions in English. The top questions – based on upvoting forum posts – will be answered every week, and then another round of questions will begin.

Hopefully, the questions chosen will be good ones, and the same for the answers.

Source: EU Forums Official Q&A thread

5.8 and Refer a Friend Reddit Q&A

On Reddit (and Facebook, too, but mostly Reddit) Quemapueblos from the NA Forums did another Q&A! We’ve been rather dry of official info lately, and this one is pretty good and quite long as well; a chunk of it is about a new feature that is being rolled out, the Refer A Friend program, which is currently only available for NA but will also be brought to the other servers as well in time.

Basically, you send someone a the referral link, they start playing WoWs, and the farther they progress the more stuff you get. When they get a tier 6 ship, you get a big pack of goodies, up to three times.

Q: The Refer a Friend thing is cool and all but I’ve already introduced all my friends into WoWs. Kinda wish this program was around before. :/

A: Sorry chief but we won’t be going back and rewarding for previous invites. Regrettably it would be quite hard for us to retroactively try to verify who invited who. The program only covers new users though if they have a WG account and only have played WoT or WoWp they are still eligible to be invited. 😦

Q: Can you refer someone if they already have a WG account (for example, if they play World of Tanks) but have never played WOWS, or is it only for completely new accounts?

A: World of Tanks accounts can be invited as well! Just as long as they haven’t decided to log into Warships recently

EDIT: As Boyarksy mentioned below, they can still be invited as long as they are below Account level 3

Boyarsky-WG: Actually, there are 2 eligibility requirements for recruits: 1. Haven’t played ships for last 3 months OR 2. Have Service Record Level 3 or lower.

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Community Q&A (EU Edition) – 07/06/16

There’s another, very similar Q&A, on the EU Forums! They’re more or less the same questions – a few different questions answered, others not – but I like this one a tad bit more because the questions and answers themselves feel more fleshed out.

Anyhow, enjoy!

Game Mechanics

•    How does the Preventative Maintenance skill work?
The skill affects all modules. It decreases the chance that a module will receive a critical hit by 50% – However the chance of critical hits depends on the module’s health; the lower the health of the module the higher the chance of critical damage.
•    What is planned with regards to the unbalanced matchmaking and „Fail Divisions“ – dragging low tier ships into high tier battles?
While fail divisions are annoying, they are not that common – though of course when they happen, they do hurt. However the priority for matchmaking is getting rid of matches unbalanced for other reasons than this. In one of the updates following 0.5.7 we plan on introducing an improved matchmaker that would make sure that top tiers in each category are well balanced, to avoid situations such as 3 Tier X battleships on one side, one on the other. This is however still in development and we will inform you about details when they get closer. Once this is up and running, the devs will have a look at other annoying things including the fail divisions.
•    Smoke screens and Situational Awareness
Currently smoke does not look that great and it is very unclear for player where it is and if you are in smoke or outside. We are working both on reworking the smoke and on implementing in game clear indicator of smoke extent.
As for situational awareness, as most people here probably noticed, there was a major Forum storm after 0.5.5 that unveiled a so far unknown property of the Situational Awareness skill. The team repeatedly checked the skill to see if there are any other issues connected, but the skill itself is working without change since early Alpha. Now that this was shown to be an issue, though, the entire SA system will be reworked to more accurately reflect when you are spotted and when you aren’t – and to get more intuitive (and most of all, with proper descriptions).
Note: We have forwarded the devs your findings about the smoke generation intervals/rules – we are currently waiting for reply.

•    Why do Secondaries have such terrible accuracy?
We feel that they are very powerful as is and if they are too effective then we aren’t encouraging skillful play

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