Sub_Octavian Reddit Q&A

Seems like Sub_Octavian, whom we’ve recently seen posting a lot on the NA forums, has now gone all the way to Reddit to spread information and apparently learn more about the community and stuff. An interesting goal; we’ll see where it goes. Over on the EU forums, Takeda92 has listed the most stand-out ones, and I’ve included my own additions from the original Q&A. Enjoy!

Q; Might not be within your ability to answer but misght as well ask.

Any plans to reduce the amount of BBs in game and improve CA/CL to make them more desirable?

A: We would like to make cruisers more popular. This is why they get rudder mod.3 in 0.5.12. Other tweaks will be introduced later.

In our concept of ideal class distribution, BBs should have 25-30% of popularity. It works more or less, but on some realms/tiers they exceeded this limit.

We don’t want global nerfs and will try to avoid them at all costs – this is why we cancelled bow plating reduction. But some smaller, more precise actions will be taken.

Q: Are you accounting with that 25-30% popularity with:

  1. CV limit, so there is more room for other ships.
  2. Outside of the game popularity of battleships, which are just much more popular than other classes, which can easily be confirmed by reading forum speculation threads – most of the discussion is about battleships there.

A: Yes and yes. The 2nd one is especially difficult – battleships are epic and attract many players, but in-game they must be balanced with other classes.

Q: I think the question that’s bugging most of us is what the hell is going on with the British Cruisers.

A: The initial concept implied too much “HE-smoke-spam-click-click” meta gameplay, which we really don’t want to support more. We want each line to offer some unique experience rather than being clone of previous lines.

We are testing a new concept, the 2-nd edition didn’t show good results on production test, then we improved it and will tests 3-rd edition. For now, it seems to be much closer to what we want. I am not sure the line will be ready by 0.5.13, though. We’ll see.

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Patch 5.12 Economy Changes Detailed

NikoPower on the NA Forums has posted a handy table outlining what the recent changes to repair costs mean for each individual ship. Generally speaking, high-tier tech tree ships are affected the most, while premium ships are still helped by the changes, just not as much because they don’t exactly need help earning credits.

The table is below, with a bit more explanation of how/why the changes were made in the source post on the forums.

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Patch 5.12 Notes

Arriving September 28th (for NA) and September 29th (for everyone else), patch 5.12 is here with a number of changes, but not the Japanese destroyers nor the British cruisers; those are hopefully due out next month if everything goes well. Here’s a summary of what is in the patch, though:

  • You now receive credits and XP for spotting ships and aircraft, for the damage allies do to the enemies you spot, and for blocking damage with your armour.
  • Ship repair costs have been drastically changed, and now are fixed rather than being scaled based on damage taken. Overall, repair costs are now lower for all ships, especially aircraft carriers and all high-tier ships.
  • Aircraft carriers now get more credits/XP for shooting down enemy aircraft.
  • If you do nothing in a battle (ie. botting/AFK) you get no credits or XP at all.
  • New sound and voiceovers!
  • Cruisers and destroyers of tier 8 and up have access to the Steering Gears Modification 3 upgrade, reducing rudder shift time.
  • New map, “Shards,” for tiers 7-10.
  • Various other balance and interface changes, and so on.

The full notes can be found at the source below. Enjoy!



PT 5.12 New Economy, Armour Changes

A post by Ph3lan on the EU Forums has outlined some changes coming to the public test (and probably live release) of patch 5.12, and it’s quite important. Here’s a quick summary, followed by the full quote:

  • Battleship bow armour and destroyer hull armour changes have been cancelled.
  • Tier 8-10 Cruisers will still get the new steering modification, and now tier 8-10 destroyers will get it as well.
  • Repair fees based on damage taken are being replaced by a fixed cost, hoped to reduce operating costs of tier 10 ships by about 50,000 credits.

The quote:

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Upcoming CV Economy Changes

According to a post by Sub_Octavian on the NA forums (yes, the RU Q&A guy), in patch 5.12, resulting in aircraft carriers getting more XP/credits for shooting down planes and less for damaging ships with bomb/torpedoes. Here’s the exact quote:


Our nearest plan is to balance CV economy (and make they earn more for air superiority and less for damaging ships). At the same time, overall game economy will change, as tanking and recon will be rewarded. If all goes well, it should come in 0.5.12.
Next things to consider is probably CV role and efficiency at low tiers and at the same time lack ov CVs on high tiers (which is actually bad for the game – as it also means lack of recon and less value for AA ships).

This doesn’t seem to me to be the best way to improve aircraft carriers, really. While shooting down planes does deserve more XP and credits than it currently does, this doesn’t do anything to really improve gameplay for aircraft carriers.

Source: NA Forums

Unified Gold Economy: Not Anymore!

That title is utterly terrible for getting the message across succinctly, so here it is in other words: World of Tanks/Warplanes gold won’t be unified with World of Warships doubloons, at least not in the near future. This is according to a WoT Gamescom Q&A, and it’s a little funny that official outlets on the WoWs side have been quiet about it.

Fisch: Will there be unified Premium Accounts (currency and time) for all Wargaming games?

A: We already have unified Premium Accounts for our PC “World of” titles, so all fans of these games can purchase Premium Account safe in the knowledge that the amount is shared between them. As for the in-game currency, we have considered it, but it is difficult to introduce unified currencies in different MMO projects because they all have different life cycles and economies, so for the time being we plan to keep these separate.

Plenty of people will be miffed about this; personally, I quit WoT about a year or more ago and cashed out all my gold for premium time. Not really the best way to use it, but I never thought gold would be unified for a long time anyway.

It might happen sometime in the unforeseeable future, but for now, quite unlikely.


High Tier Repair Discount

NyxWGA has confirmed, for the NA server anyhow, that the repair discount that’s been mentioned a few times already will be coming to the NA server as well. Not sure yet about EU or ASIA, but they’ll probably get it too, hopefully.

The way it works is fairly simple: ships of tier 8-10 will have their repair costs reduced by “approximately” 20%; this doesn’t include ammo or consumable replenishment, however. Otherwise, though, you should start to maybe make a profit on high tier games rather than leaking credits all over the place just so you can play a bit with your Yamato.

I’m quite happy with this! I never really liked the idea of high tiers essentially siphoning credits from you; the logic was always that people wouldn’t play mid-low tiers once they’d reached the highest tiers, but that’s simply not true, in my opinion. People play the ships they like to play, and fortunately WoWs has fun and interesting ships at just about every tier. In fact, high repair costs have had the opposite effect so far, and are currently driving people away from tier 8+.

NyxWGA says they’re just testing this for the month, but I’m hoping it sticks. WoWs really needs to expand its playerbase, and some of the decisions WG has made so far haven’t exactly done much for that, honestly.