New Arpeggio Missions For NA

The Arpeggio missions are wrapping up now, since the partnership between the anime and WG ends as of January 2017. So, after waiting so long for new missions, NA is getting plenty of them at once; the final mission, for all servers, is expected to be for ARP Takao, is coming in November.

This month’s missions are for Nachi and Haguro, a pair of Myoko-class cruisers; the former’s missions can be done by T6+ ships, the latter’s T4-5. The missions last all of October.

They both require you to deal a total of 1,300,000 damage over three missions, but you’ll have to grind each separately due to the tier restrictions. Nachi won’t be so hard, but Haguro might prove to be annoying considering the same amount of damage needs to be done in ships that generally don’t have as much firepower as, say, T10 battleships. Good luck!



Japanese TGS Interview

Some new information from a rather unexpected source: Tokyo Game Show, all done in Japanese. As per usual, WG didn’t release an official translation, so BlackCatOscar on Reddit has made a summary of the interview for us:

ARP Takao event to start in October (ASIA server for now probably), and lasts until December

The mission to obtain her will not be easy, but will be set at a level that most people will be able to finish

This is probably last of ARP event for now

Haifuri event will start in first half of 2017

TGS goers will get special Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School flag

Spotting xp bonus will come in next update in late September or early October (9.12?)

British cruisers will appear in mid October

British cruisers will be something between DD and CL. Developers are still struggling with their balancing

IJN DD branching splitting will come in mid October, but after British cruisers

One of the reasons for IJN DD branching splitting is to increase their popularity which has dropped after the introduction of Soviet DD

Clans will come soon

I can only imagine the massive grind for the ARP Takao. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being just a string of “do damage” missions.

Sources: Reddit, Original Japanese Interview

Russian Q&A – 03/09/16

Carnotzet has been busy and unable to translate recent Q&As done by Sub_Octavian, so Babykim on the EU forums has stepped in and translated a lot of material. There’s quite a bit to sift through, going back a couple weeks, but it’s pretty interesting stuff. Enjoy!

On main guns:

Q. The performance of the Scharnhorst 283mm BB shells are inconsistent compared to similar guns on other ships. They cannot citadel battleships even at close (10km) ranges, whereas similar guns of higher tier German ships, or, for example, the 220mm guns of the Moskva can. Secondly, the plunging fire at medium ranges (15-18 km) also does not penetrate battleships.

A. This is not terribly inconsistent, given the actual characteristics of the shell. We do not see a problem in the game balance either. The lack of citadels is compensated by the rate of fire other qualities of the ship. I would not necessarily say that plunging fire should penetrate the deck of a battleship at medium ranges in general.

Q. Can you comment on how the occurrence of penetrations has changed following the change in shell normalization in 0.5.10? Cruisers with calibers up to 155mm and battleships with calibers up to 305mm appear to have stopped causing citadel hits.

A. Can you specify which ships have this issue?

Q. Over-penetrations cause the same damage, no matter if I hit the bow, the midship, the citadel, or the stern. Is this acceptable?

A. We do not see it as a big problem. An over-penetration indicates the wrong choice of ammunition.

Q. Do you plan to add more information on the thickness armor that can be penetrated by a given gun, similar to WOT.

A. We are thinking about summarizing this information in an accessible manner.

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New Arpeggio Missions – NA & ASIA

For September, both the NA and ASIA server (no, not EU) are getting some more Arpeggio missions to unlock ships; the missions can be completed throughout the month.

NA gets the opportunity, finally, to unlock Ashigara and Hiei, a Myoko-class and Kongo-class respectively. Both come with a six-point captain, too, but the catch this time is that the Hiei missions can only be completed in a tier 4 or 5 ship, and the Ashigara missions in a tier 6 or higher ship – in other words, you can’t work on both at the same time.

ASIA gets a new Arpeggio ship, Nachi, also a Myoko-class. These missions are also restricted to tier 6+ ships, but you also get a 12-point captain at the end of it.

Again, the Arpeggio ships aren’t premium ships, they don’t earn more credits or XP than usual, but they’re free to earn through missions.

Sources: WoWs ASIA, WoWs NA

ASIA Arpeggio Gifts

On the ASIA server, you can get two captains – Iona and Kirishima – with 10 skill points each, and you get them just by logging in. That’s all! They’re just for Arpeggio ships, though, so if you don’t use those I’m not sure if you have any use for these two free captains.

Also, I somehow doubt this is going to come to NA or EU; I’d like to see more missions, personally, but who knows when we might get more. There are still a few Arpeggio ships NA hasn’t had yet, for example, like the rest of the Myoko sisters.


New Chinese Stuff in 5.8

No, this isn’t a post about some wacky gold-plated Anshan or something; in patch 5.8, a couple of curious things were added to the game client, namely a port icon and a pair of Myoko-class cruiser models in the vein of the Arpeggio. Credit goes to SigmaHyperion on Reddit for finding these, though no one has managed to explain what they’re for.

Normally these things stay purely on the special Chinese server, but this might be different considering they’re in the game files for everyone. The cruisers look like they might be some kind of Arpeggio alternative/derivative, and the port icon something tied to them as well, like Yokosuka for the Arpeggio ships. The dragon decal on the ships is pretty cool, though, I wouldn’t mind having that; I’m still of the opinion that this is intended for the strange Chinese server and the rest of us won’t see any of it.

Source: Reddit

Arpeggio Ships: Get ‘Em Before They’re Gone

A post by NikoPower about the Arpeggio tie-in missions has clarified something very important: that is, the ships in each stage will be exclusive to that stage, meaning if you miss one (say, Kirishima in this stage) you won’t get a chance to earn her again.

The missions this time around aren’t too hard, just long, so go and finish them!

Source: NA Forums Arpeggio FAQ