Patch 5.2.3 Notes

It’ll be here very soon! Here’s the notes for it; it’s not the massive update people might have been waiting for, but hey, at least the devs are working on something, right?

Improved Earnings

  • Tachibana: +21% Credit earnings
  • Tachibana Lima: + 21% Credit earnings
  • Mikasa: +21% Credit earnings
  • Albany: +21% Credit earnings
  • Diana: +21% Credit earnings
  • Diana Lima: + 21% Credit earnings
  • Fūjin: +8% Credit earnings and +11% Experience earnings

New Premium Ships

These ships are not yet available to the general public and have been added for preliminary testing purposes, but you may see them in battle during their sea trials!

  • Tier II US destroyer Smith
  • Tier III Japanese cruiser Katori
  • Tier VI Pan Asian destroyer Anshan
  • Tier VIII Pan Asian destroyer Lo Yang

Additional Notes

  • Increased the number of daily allowed compliments and complaints from 5 to 7
  • Fixed issue with extended stern fires for cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov
  • Fixed issue with “chance of fire on target” to incorrectly display while in Port with “Victor Lima” and “India X-Ray” Signal Flags equipped
  • Fixed issue with the national flag for battleship New Mexico to vanish with hull A installed
  • Fixed incorrect display of performance characteristics in the tooltip of the type 2 torpedo module for destroyer Mutsuki
  • Fixed issue with voiceover for “Arpeggio” ships that mixed up notifications for allied and enemy teams

That’s it for now. I’ll note that nothing has been confirmed yet regarding the premium ships and how they will be released/put up for sale. I wouldn’t be surprised if USS Smith and Katori are event-related somehow. The PLAN/ROCN destroyers should arrive around the 30th, coinciding with the end of the Taipei Game Show, but not necessarily for all servers.




Russian Wallpapers!

On the Russian WoWS site, they’ve featured some nice wallpapers. As you might expect… most of them are of Russian ships! They’re pretty nice looking either way, so check them out:


Just click a picture on the news page above, and it’ll give you an option to download it in whatever size you like.

Project R: Kamikaze Now Guaranteed

Project RGood evening everyone!

After a good deal of controversy on the EU and NA servers, the ongoing Project R event has been updated: instead of having to rely on a lottery of 1000/2000 ships given out randomly to people who get 150 pearls, you can also get 260 pearls over the course of the event and be guaranteed a Kamikaze at the end.

This is a pretty decent move by Wargaming, though honestly it shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. After all, the Asia server got Kamikazes guaranteed from the start; we can only hope that WG will exercise a bit more foresight when it comes to these things in the future.


Update: Panasia Premium Ships

Well, it didn’t take long for more information to come up, actually!

The Lo Yang of the Republic of China Navy will be joined by her counterpart Anshan of the People’s Liberation Army Navy. These two premium ships will be the first released for the Panasia tech tree, which seems like it’s going to be focused on Chinese warships. I’m not sure if other countries in the region have many ships to contribute to this tree at all, to be honest, but I wouldn’t mind being corrected.

While Lo Yang is a Benson-class destroyer given to the ROCN by the United States, Anshan is a Gnevny-class destroyer bought from the Soviets by the PLAN in 1954. She was launched by the Soviets as Rekordny and saw a small amount of service. Unlike Lo Yang, Anshan actually survives to this day as a museum ship in Qingdao. It’s really interesting to compare the names the two separate navies chose for their ships: Lo Yang is named for a famous ancient capital of China, whereas Anshan is named for the modern industrial city, at the time perhaps the biggest industrial producer in all of China.

They’re more or less copy-paste ships, yeah, but they have some minor differences in their stats and performance to make them play a bit differently compared to their existing counterparts, just like how the Gremyaschy is different from the Gnevny in-game.

To start, Anshan is Tier 6 rather than Tier 5 like her sisters; she also looks to have slightly higher hit points, a bit better artillery than Gnevny, and much better AA. Not sure if this is too competitive at Tier 6, though, but we can’t be sure about that until she’s actually in the game.

Lo Yang, on the other hand, is generally worse all around than her same-tier sister (well, herself, really?) Benson. Which makes sense, even though lots of premium ships in WoWS already have been better than their counterparts. The infamous Murmansk stands quite tall here, naturally. It’s a bit of a shock, but these two might actually be decently balanced, at least as far as premium ships go.

The official World of Warships Facebook page posted the following pictures, which give a glimpse into the stats of these two new ships, their camouflage, and the flag of the new tech tree. Pretty cool looking, if you ask me… but of course, people still want the Royal Navy more!

We’ll probably learn more about these two ships at the Taipei Game Show next week, starting on the 28th. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two make their debut there. Promo code giveaway, anyone?


New Premium Ship: Destroyer ‘Lo Yang’

According to the Asia server website, the destroyer Lo Yang of the Republic of China Navy is coming to the game at the end of January. So, within about a week, hopefully. This is only for the Asia server, though; no news yet on when or even if it will appear on any of the other servers.

Lo Yang, DD-14 in the ROCN, was a Benson-class destroyer given to the Republic of China – in fact, it’s the very same ex-USS Benson that shows up in the US destroyer tree in the game already. She will probably have the same configuration as Benson‘s C-hull upgrade, though I doubt Lo Yang will be the exact same as her existing counterpart. Some of her stats will probably be changed, but nothing about that’s known yet.

What’s especially interesting is that the same news post also subtly announces a new tech tree: “Panasia.” Presumably, this will include ROCN ships and People’s Liberation Army Navy ships, acting effectively as an equivalent of the “China” tech tree from World of Tanks.

On the left, I’ve got a picture of Lo Yang, and on the right a picture of USS Benson from after WW2. They’re… not exactly any different, but Lo Yang will definitely have a fancy camouflage scheme of some kind, at least.

I’ll post any more updates I find on Lo Yang when I find them!


Welcome to the Fleet Review!

Welcome to the Fleet Review, a dedicated World of Warships news site.

Hello, and thanks for coming to visit this site. It’s not much right now, but for a while I’ve had an idea of running a site dedicated to World of Warships news, a single place where people can find the latest updates on the state of the game, as well as ideas as to what might be happening in the future.

I’m Five_X, a player on the NA server, and I’ve been playing since Beta back in spring – though not always as consistently as I’d like. I used to play World of Tanks, too, but lately haven’t had as much interest in that. I suppose I just prefer ships, which is actually a bit ironic, considering that I get uncomfortable on the water. Luckily for me, I can’t drown in a virtual ocean!

What I want most is an easy site where people can find news about World of Warships, as well as some articles about historical ships and perhaps a bit about my experiences in the game. I won’t just be copying and pasting articles from other sources, though; I want everything I write here to have a bit of a personal touch.

I hope this site will help people out and enrich the community!