1. When is the Royal Navy arriving?

A. They’re expected in Fall 2016, starting with a cruiser branch. The whole line has been revealed, but no specific information other than the ships themselves. I expect them to arrive in early October, with patch 5.12.

2. What happened to the premium Japanese cruiser Tone that was mentioned a few times? Didn’t she get released on the Chinese server?

A. Tone was released, accidentally, on the Chinese server, and some people bought her. Right now she’s incomplete and the devs are working on a way to represent the fact that she was an aviation cruiser with a hangar of airplanes, with unique gameplay to match.

3. Are the devs planning any changes to aircraft carriers? They’re difficult and confusing to play.

A. The devs have promised (and made) some changes to the game’s overall UI, but haven’t done much for aircraft carriers. They still mention it now and again, but we don’t have an estimate on when the new aircraft carrier UI will be done. It always seems to be “in a few patches” but nothing definite yet.

4. Will there be submarines in the game?

A. Submarines are not planned as a playable class of ships, something the developers have continually reiterated. At most, they may be included as part of a PvE mode.

5. How do I get rid of the anime/Arpeggio ships? Or, how do I get them to appear in my port once I’ve unlocked them?

A. The Arpeggio of Blue Steel tie-in ships will only appear in your port and in-game if you have the Yokosuka port selected. The missions, however, will always appear for you in the missions tab as long as they’re ongoing, no matter your port.

6. What ships are expected to arrive after the British cruiser branch?

A. Though no real information has been revealed about them quite yet, it’s been mostly confirmed that the next full tech tree line will be German destroyers, coming sometime in Winter 2016/2017. Four new Japanese destroyers are also coming soon, probably entering the game before the German destroyers.