PT 5.12 New Economy, Armour Changes

A post by Ph3lan on the EU Forums has outlined some changes coming to the public test (and probably live release) of patch 5.12, and it’s quite important. Here’s a quick summary, followed by the full quote:

  • Battleship bow armour and destroyer hull armour changes have been cancelled.
  • Tier 8-10 Cruisers will still get the new steering modification, and now tier 8-10 destroyers will get it as well.
  • Repair fees based on damage taken are being replaced by a fixed cost, hoped to reduce operating costs of tier 10 ships by about 50,000 credits.

The quote:

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Patch 5.12 Public Test

I’ll start by giving the sad news: no, as far as has been announced, British cruisers and new Japanese destroyers are not coming in this patch. Maybe that will change, but so far it’s looking like they’ll come with patch 5.13.

The Test Server will be up tomorrow, September 20th, at 18:30 CEST, ending on 26th September at 15:00 CEST.

Instead of new ships, in this patch we have:

  • XP and credits for spotting and tanking damage
  • a new map
  • reduced bow armour for tier 8-10 battleships
  • nerfed Udaloi and Khabarovsk
  • new Steering Gears modification for tier 7-10 cruisers for mad fast turns
  • punishments for people who enter a battle and do nothing

So, not a whole lot with the new ships taken out, but it’s not so bad, should certainly shake things up a bit. I’m interested to see when the other planned changes for this year arrive, since it’s creeping closer and closer to 2017.


Public Test 5.11

Now that the dust has settled on the German battleship release, it’s time to get back to the usual business – and that includes the release of regular patches, of course. This one in particular is something I’ve been looking forward to for ages now: the armour viewer.

Oh, and besides that in this patch there’s a new Random Battle game mode, map changes, a new map entirely, and a handful of balance changes. Namely:

  • The reload time for the “Surveillance Radar” consumable has been lowered to make cruisers more effective against destroyers.
  • “Hydroacoustic Search” and “Defensive AA Fire” consumables are now placed in different slots, which will allow cruisers to choose both in order to strengthen their supporting role.
  • USN fighters’ ammunition capacities have been increased by 30%. This change will make fighter configurations stronger, thus making US carriers’ roles more team-oriented and focused on protecting allies.

Edit: unfortunately, on the test server HAS and DF are still in the same slot for cruisers. Maybe that will come in the future, who knows, but right now it’s not being implemented. A bit disappointing.

The Public Test Server will be up tomorrow, August 30th, around 4:30pm GMT.


Public Test 5.10 Datamine

It’s a tad old, but here’s some stuff Vaexa dug up showing undocumented changes in the 5.10 public test. The normalization changes were added to the patch notes with the live patch release. The other things, not so much, but they’re still interesting. Yet another Russian port, apparently!

Data changes


  • Gamescom camouflage added
  • ”Burning Man” flag added
  • Tier 8 German premium cruiser Prinz Eugen added
  • Tier 7 ARP cruiser Nachi added

Balance changes


  • Tier 1 global ship changes: AP shells removed, battlelevel changed to 1
  • Erie: 127mm guns removed, 152mm HE alpha nerfed (1800 > 900), health nerfed (9900 > 4950)
  • Hashidate: 120mm HE alpha nerfed (1800 > 900), health nerfed (10300 > 5150)
  • Hermelin: 128mm HE alpha nerfed (1500 > 900), health nerfed (9000 > 4500)
  • Orlan: 130mm HE alpha nerfed (1600 > 800), health nerfed (9100 > 4550), AA changed
  • Novik: XP cost reduced (450 > 350), credit cost reduced (75300 > 69300)


  • FdG/GK 420mm turret: HP buffed (20000 > 40000)

Text changes

  • Strings added for new UI features (documented in the official PTS notes)
  • Strings added for Gamescom flag (name, description)
  • Strings added for ”Burning Man” flag (name, description)
  • Strings added for ”Let’s Battle” events flag (name, description)
  • Strings added for Prinz Eugen (module names, ship description)
  • Strings added for ARP Nachi (module names, ship description)
  • String added for St. Petersburg port
  • Strings added for new fail division limits
  • Loads of things rephrased (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

Source: Reddit

Public Test Patch 5.10

Yes, this patch is The One With The German Battleships. The test server will be up tomorrow, August 9th, at 18:30 CEST, running until the 15; the full patch should come out a few days after that, at most.

Also included in this patch are going to be the removal of fail divisions (no more divisions with more than one tier of difference), more post-battle stats including damage done to targets you’ve spotted and damage you blocked with your armour, along with colourblind mode and other, smaller changes.

But most importantly, German battleships! Scharnhorst is likely to be released very soon, too.


Patch 5.9 Expected Live Changes

A couple of notes posted by MrConway on the EU Forums about two important elements of patch 5.9 that will be coming. The first is about the change to the Situational Awareness skill; it’s still being removed and made universal, but the hopes for free skill resets or a skill point are, sadly, dashed.

From the thread:

  1. If Situational Awareness is the only 1st-tier skill taken by your commander, it will be changed to the Repair skill;

  2. If there is more than one 1st-tier skill taken by your commander, the commander will receive 1 skill point for the now removed SA skill;

So, in other words, the same as it was originally intended. I’m not so sure of this, since a blanket skill removal/skill point would be for the best in my opinion, but it’s not a particularly huge issue, just frustrating.

The second thing is that the Co-op Assault Mode, which was present in the public test, won’t be in patch 5.9. It needs more extensive balancing and work to make it fun and interesting, and it’s supposed to debut properly in a future patch. It was kind of cool to play, but I really won’t play Co-Op mode with any regularity until the credit rewards are the same as random battles; it’s too easy to lose money at tiers 8+, or even 7+, even though Co-Op is pretty easy compared to battling against human players.

Source: EU Forums Dev Post

5.9 Public Test Patch Notes

Though the public test is almost over, there was a patch to it just the other day. Most of the changes are just bugfixes, but there are a few very important and interesting ones which I’ve bolded in the full changelog below.

  • Changes to the Assault mode:
    • Fixed the display of the control point type;
    • The mode was slightly simplified
  • Fixed the sorting of signals in the port (similar to the sorting in the previous version);
  • Adjusted the matchmaker: In tier VIII-X battles (The battle tier is the maximum tier of the ships that could enter it) there can be no more than one CV in each team;
  • Adjusted battle tiers:
    • All tier I-IV ships, as well as tier V CV’s now have +1 tier maximum matchmaking
    • Other ships keep +2 tier matchmaking
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the target hit ribbon sometimes being doubled with a penetration;
  • Fixed a bug where a “Back to the battle” button wasn’t displayed on the post-battle statistics screen;
  • The “Display the edges of the smoke screen” functionality is now on by default. It can be switched off in the control settings;
  • Fixed a bug which led to the emergency shutdown of the client when the Neighbors map was loading;
  • Fixed the «Airgroups modification 1» modification. Now it gives the correct 10% bonus to the defensive armament of torpedo bombers and dive bombers;
  • Fixed a bug where the progress of capturing a control point wasn’t being displayed after reconnecting to the battle;
  • Fixed a bug which could result in the interface freezing during battle;
  • Fixed a bug resulting in a model of the aircraft not being displayed in the port on those catapults where it should;
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the emergency shutdown of the client when doing a post-battle survey;
  • Fixed an incorrect rounding off of the damage in the battle interface (floating numbers and counter);
  • Fixed the limit of 100 000 experience for free commander retraining (in the previous version, there was no limit, resulting in an inappropriately large amount of required experience in some cases);
  • Due to optimization of the server software, the time after which an inactive player is disconnected from the server was increased from 1 hour to 3. This will help the players who for any reason take long breaks while in port.

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