More Japanese Destroyer Details

It’s not much of a huge reveal, but WG has released more info on the upcoming Japanese destroyers; it looks like they’re definitely going to be here sooner than the British cruiser line.

At the link below are some short but nice videos of the new destroyers. If we’re lucky, they’ll be here in the next patch!



“High School Fleet” Anime Collaboration

Not only is World of Warships working with the makers of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, but now it’s going to be doing something with another anime, called “High School Fleet.”

Basically, it’s about modern high school girls who learn to crew WW2-era warships. The game files show that there’s a commemorative flag related to this anime collaboration, but there will probably be something more substantial as well – captains, unique ships, who knows. I’m interested in how the devs will manage to keep this content secluded like they did with the Arpeggio stuff. Maybe another anime-styled port?

I do find these collaborations pretty amusing, though, I’ve got to admit.


HMAS Perth Arriving… Soon

A teaser from the ASIA news portal says that the Australian Leander-class light cruiser, Perth, will be coming to WoWs sometime soon, maybe to coincide with or slightly precede the official British cruiser line launch. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she was put up for sale on ASIA first, though we’ll have to see.


Second Japanese Destroyer Line Announced

Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu, Akizuki, and Yugumo will soon(?) be coming to the tech tree, hopefully within the next few patches. They’ll no doubt arrive after the British cruiser line, and maybe if we’re lucky they’ll be here in time for Ranked Battles. I doubt they would be released during the upcoming Ranked season, so if they’re not out before then, I’m guessing they will come out in December, with the German destroyers shortly afterwards in January 2017.

I’m looking forward to them, especially Akizuki!


Ranked Battles Starting Soon

According to a staff post on the ASIA forums, Ranked Battles are due to start again soon. It seems to me like they’re going to be coinciding with the release of the British cruiser line, most likely. Here’s exactly what has been revealed so far:

  • Ship Tiers – VI and VIII
  • When – Around October to November for the start.

Maybe this time I’ll really finally get to Rank 1.

Source: ASIA Forums

World of Warships Future Content

Two of the new, interesting things coming to World of Warships in the future – hopefully, at least – are going to be crew animations in port and loot crates.

The crew animations look really cool, even if they’re just a little bit of flavour for your ships in the port. There isn’t going to be anything gameplay-related involved in the crew, and crewmembers almost certainly won’t be visible in battle, but it adds some much-needed life to the port in an interesting way.

The other upcoming feature seems to be a bit bigger. I’ve posted before about what seem to be Loot Boxes or something like that, but there’s been some mixed information about what exactly they are and how they’re going to work. The Q&A from earlier implied that they weren’t anything particularly new or special, but this official video looks very much otherwise.

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Lootboxes in World of Warships

One last, interesting thing was shown off at Gamescom, and it’ll be a bit familiar to you if you’ve played Overwatch or similar games.

WG hasn’t made an official statement on it outside of Gamescom, but according to the poster who originally recorded this and mentioned it on the EU Forums, Morgan_Gorgoroth, it’s planned to be in the game hopefully before the end of the year. As you can see, it looks like some random reward, maybe to do with XP or battle performance, with each box potentially giving you something. In this case, it was 7 charges of the smokescreen consumable. Other games include rare costumes, decals, and stuff like that in their lootboxes, so maybe WoWs will have something like that – after all, WG has stated they’re interested in including more ship customization.

Source: EU Forums and Video