Prinz Eugen Available on EU

After an NA server debut, the tier 8 German cruiser Prinz Eugen is now available for EU – now in even bigger bundles! The prices on these – even just on the ship alone – are ridiculous, and I’m simply not going to buy Prinz Eugen, a ship I’ve been really looking forward to, because of that. To essentially be a clone of another ship is one thing, but to be sold like this is something else entirely.



Prinz Eugen Available on NA

If you want a premium version of the existing Admiral Hipper tier 8 German cruiser, your wishes have been kindly granted: Prinz Eugen is now on sale for the NA server, and she’s really not that special.

However, you can buy the big, wallet-gouging bundle available if you also want a special flag that doesn’t actually do anything, plus a few other things. Personally, I think I’m going to pass on this one; excited as I was for Prinz Eugen, there’s nothing interesting about her in terms of her gameplay, she’s almost completely a reskin. This isn’t the sort of thing I’m interested in WG releasing.

If you want a ship like her, get Admiral Hipper in the tech tree. If you want a damn good tier 8 cruiser, just get Atago, we’ll probably never see anything better.


NA Tech Tree Premium Changes

On NA, and possibly EU and ASIA as well, the premium ships that are currently in the tech tree to purchase with doubloons are being swapped around. Four ships enter, and three ships leave, when patch 5.11 arrives – which should be next week, I’m guessing.

  • Koenig Albert, tier 3 battleship
  • USS Smith, tier 2 destroyer
  • USS Sims, tier 7 destroyer
  • USS Saipan, tier 7 aircraft carrier

are the ships entering the tech tree, and the ones leaving (for now) are:

  • ORP Blyskawica, tier 7 destroyer
  • Diana, tier 2 cruiser
  • Murmansk, tier 5 cruiser.

The Murmansk and Blyskawica are solid ships, so it’s worth buying them before they go. Sadly Murmansk isn’t as good as she used to be, but she’s still a solid tier 5 credit-earner. Of the new ships, Koenig Albert is completely new to the game, though she’s just tier 3 so that’s quite the handicap. In my opinion, aside from collectibles for those interested, premium ships only really become worthwhile at tier 5 and up – though some tier 4 ships are quite interesting.


Dunkerque Available For EU

Well, that was a delay, wasn’t it? According to the news page, the reason for releasing the ship today in particular is to commemorate the liberation of Marseilles and Toulon, in 1944. Better late than never, I suppose.

The bundles and stuff are more or less the same as NA, including the commemorative flag available in the largest one. Personally, I find the Dunkerque pretty fun despite her flaws; with luck, the devs will improve her a little bit – her maneuverability and turret HP, mainly – but we’ll just have to see.


Dunkerque Available on NA

Dunkerque, the first French ship in the game, is now available on the NA Server! Apparently luck has changed and the NA server is getting lots of things first – well, perhaps not Arpeggio ships but we’ll avoid talking about that – which is a change of pace. It does feel weird that EU isn’t getting this ship first, but I imagine she will be released there tomorrow.

She seems like an okay ship. Not a Krasny Krym, but not a Warspite either, but hopefully balanced enough to be fun.


Scharnhorst Available For ASIA

You know the drills: bundle, no bundle, decent ship, buy if you feel like it, etc. Oh! One thing, though: for some reason the ASIA server doesn’t get the unique little commemorative flag that the other servers do. Not a real loss, to be honest.


Scharnhorst Available on NA

She’s here, she’s here! The second German battleship, the precursor to the tech tree line coming very soon, Scharnhorst, tier 7 battleship. I’m very excited! I have three days off that happen to line up with this, too.

You can buy her alone or in a bundle; the biggest bundle also includes a fancy commemorative flag, if that interests you.

Hopefully on EU soon as well!

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