Patch 5.12 Economy Changes Detailed

NikoPower on the NA Forums has posted a handy table outlining what the recent changes to repair costs mean for each individual ship. Generally speaking, high-tier tech tree ships are affected the most, while premium ships are still helped by the changes, just not as much because they don’t exactly need help earning credits.

The table is below, with a bit more explanation of how/why the changes were made in the source post on the forums.

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Patch 5.12 Notes

Arriving September 28th (for NA) and September 29th (for everyone else), patch 5.12 is here with a number of changes, but not the Japanese destroyers nor the British cruisers; those are hopefully due out next month if everything goes well. Here’s a summary of what is in the patch, though:

  • You now receive credits and XP for spotting ships and aircraft, for the damage allies do to the enemies you spot, and for blocking damage with your armour.
  • Ship repair costs have been drastically changed, and now are fixed rather than being scaled based on damage taken. Overall, repair costs are now lower for all ships, especially aircraft carriers and all high-tier ships.
  • Aircraft carriers now get more credits/XP for shooting down enemy aircraft.
  • If you do nothing in a battle (ie. botting/AFK) you get no credits or XP at all.
  • New sound and voiceovers!
  • Cruisers and destroyers of tier 8 and up have access to the Steering Gears Modification 3 upgrade, reducing rudder shift time.
  • New map, “Shards,” for tiers 7-10.
  • Various other balance and interface changes, and so on.

The full notes can be found at the source below. Enjoy!



PT 5.12 New Economy, Armour Changes

A post by Ph3lan on the EU Forums has outlined some changes coming to the public test (and probably live release) of patch 5.12, and it’s quite important. Here’s a quick summary, followed by the full quote:

  • Battleship bow armour and destroyer hull armour changes have been cancelled.
  • Tier 8-10 Cruisers will still get the new steering modification, and now tier 8-10 destroyers will get it as well.
  • Repair fees based on damage taken are being replaced by a fixed cost, hoped to reduce operating costs of tier 10 ships by about 50,000 credits.

The quote:

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Patch 5.11 Notes

Patch 5.11 is done testing, and it will arrive tomorrow (September 7th)! I’m being a bit hopeful, I know, but I’m thinking that the British cruisers will be finally released in patch 5.12, since in this patch they’re being added for supertesters with a little preview in the tech tree.

Also in this patch:

  • The long-awaited armour viewer!
  • New game mode, Epicenter
  • Buffed Radar for cruisers
  • ‘Archipelago’ map added, others changed
  • Increased American fighter plane ammo


Public Test 5.11

Now that the dust has settled on the German battleship release, it’s time to get back to the usual business – and that includes the release of regular patches, of course. This one in particular is something I’ve been looking forward to for ages now: the armour viewer.

Oh, and besides that in this patch there’s a new Random Battle game mode, map changes, a new map entirely, and a handful of balance changes. Namely:

  • The reload time for the “Surveillance Radar” consumable has been lowered to make cruisers more effective against destroyers.
  • “Hydroacoustic Search” and “Defensive AA Fire” consumables are now placed in different slots, which will allow cruisers to choose both in order to strengthen their supporting role.
  • USN fighters’ ammunition capacities have been increased by 30%. This change will make fighter configurations stronger, thus making US carriers’ roles more team-oriented and focused on protecting allies.

Edit: unfortunately, on the test server HAS and DF are still in the same slot for cruisers. Maybe that will come in the future, who knows, but right now it’s not being implemented. A bit disappointing.

The Public Test Server will be up tomorrow, August 30th, around 4:30pm GMT.


Patch 5.10.1 on NA

The other servers will probably get something similar soon enough, but NA happens to have the patch notes, so here they are. It’s a hotfix for a few little issues, nothing to write home about; the anti-gravity Tirpitz plane was funny while it lasted. Notes:

  • Fixed incorrect main caliber characteristics display on Erie: 127mm -> 152mm
  • Fixed incorrect display of airplane on Tirpitz deck
  • Fixed short-term performance drops in battle
  • Fixed additional mission requirements which did not display, including the name of the ship needed to complete the mission

It’ll arrive tomorrow, it seems.

Source: NA Forums

Patch 5.10 Notes

Finally arriving after much hype, patch 5.10 will be here on August 17th for NA, and August 18th for ASIA and EU.

The main feature of this patch is something everybody knows by now: German battleships! There are also other additions, though, which can be found at the link at the bottom, but summed up briefly, here’s what we’ve got:

  • Tier 1 ships have their own MM queue, and T1 gameplay has been vastly simplified.
  • New sounds! Par for the course with every patch.
  • Colour blind mode!
  • Some maps have been adjusted to perform better and look prettier.
  • Fail divisions are now a thing of the sad, distant past.
  • Bismarck, North Carolina, Benson and Chapayev now have permanent camouflage.
  • Secondary battery guns can no longer do friendly fire damage.
  • Various little changes to the user interface, including new post-battle stats.

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