Russian Video Translation

On the EU forums, Babykim has translated a video done by the Russian YouTuber getfun that involves the new version of the British cruisers, since they were changed from DD-like ships with smoke and good HE shells. Let’s just say that not everyone’s going to be happy with this, not at all.

The new RN cruisers:

All cruisers, except tier 5, have AP only.

(nerf) Their alpha damage is lowered initially 3200, to

1400 till tier 4

1500 on tiers 5 to 8

1600 on tier 9 to 10.

(buff) When a RN cruiser AP shell hits anywhere except the citadel, its damage will be 1/2, instead of the usual 1/6.

(nerf) There will be no smoke consumable.

(buff) The will be an improved Engine Boost, that increases the speed by 15 percent, instead of the usual 8 [0.8%, perhaps?] percent. The improved boost takes the fighter slot. This allows simultaneously taking Damage Control Party, Hydroacoustic Search and the (improved) Engine Boost consumables.

There is still no Defensive AA Fire consumable.

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HMAS Perth Arriving… Soon

A teaser from the ASIA news portal says that the Australian Leander-class light cruiser, Perth, will be coming to WoWs sometime soon, maybe to coincide with or slightly precede the official British cruiser line launch. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she was put up for sale on ASIA first, though we’ll have to see.


Second Japanese Destroyer Line Announced

Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu, Akizuki, and Yugumo will soon(?) be coming to the tech tree, hopefully within the next few patches. They’ll no doubt arrive after the British cruiser line, and maybe if we’re lucky they’ll be here in time for Ranked Battles. I doubt they would be released during the upcoming Ranked season, so if they’re not out before then, I’m guessing they will come out in December, with the German destroyers shortly afterwards in January 2017.

I’m looking forward to them, especially Akizuki!


NA Tech Tree Premium Changes

On NA, and possibly EU and ASIA as well, the premium ships that are currently in the tech tree to purchase with doubloons are being swapped around. Four ships enter, and three ships leave, when patch 5.11 arrives – which should be next week, I’m guessing.

  • Koenig Albert, tier 3 battleship
  • USS Smith, tier 2 destroyer
  • USS Sims, tier 7 destroyer
  • USS Saipan, tier 7 aircraft carrier

are the ships entering the tech tree, and the ones leaving (for now) are:

  • ORP Blyskawica, tier 7 destroyer
  • Diana, tier 2 cruiser
  • Murmansk, tier 5 cruiser.

The Murmansk and Blyskawica are solid ships, so it’s worth buying them before they go. Sadly Murmansk isn’t as good as she used to be, but she’s still a solid tier 5 credit-earner. Of the new ships, Koenig Albert is completely new to the game, though she’s just tier 3 so that’s quite the handicap. In my opinion, aside from collectibles for those interested, premium ships only really become worthwhile at tier 5 and up – though some tier 4 ships are quite interesting.


British Cruisers Current Stats, Part 1

As much as the Royal Navy has been hyped up for so long by the playerbase, naturally wanting perhaps the most important navy of the World Wars to be in the game, I get the feeling that people aren’t exactly that enthused. When it comes to famous warships, nothing can really compete with battleships, but battleships take a long time to get in the game mainly due to the sheer amount of modelling and animation that needs to be done.

There would no doubt be more excitement if the first Royal Navy ships were battleships – legendary ones like Nelson, Hood, and King George V. Cruisers for all nations aren’t in the spotlight so much.

Anyhow, that’s me rambling. Here are the first five British cruisers of ten, covering mostly the era of WW1 and early interwar ship classes. As usual, these stats are probably going to change before release, so don’t speculate too hard with them.

Tier 1 British Cruiser, Black Swan

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Leningrad, Belfast Current Stats

The testing stats for a bunch of new ships, including tier 7 British cruiser Belfast and tier 7 Russian destroyer Leningrad are now here courtesy of gamemodels3d.

The rest of the British cruiser tech tree is also available; I’ll get to that soon, in two parts. Right now I’ll post the current stats for these two upcoming premiums. Do note, of course, that their stats are definitely not final and will most likely change before release. As we’ve seen before, it’s best to wait until new ships are actually available to play before making judgements on them, since stats and capabilities on paper alone are only worth so much.

Now, for the stats!

Tier 7 Russian destroyer Leningrad

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British Cruisers Preview Pictures

Just as the title says: pictures of all the upcoming British cruisers. Since their models are done, I’m guessing most of the time spent on them from now until release will be tweaking and balancing, so we should be able to expect them fairly soon, I’m hoping. Certainly a lot quicker than the German battleships.

Note that these are officially-sanctioned pictures posted by Eisenkarl on the EU forums; these aren’t leaks or anything, they’re legit.

Tier 1: Black Swan

Tier 2: Weymouth

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