New Arpeggio Missions For NA

The Arpeggio missions are wrapping up now, since the partnership between the anime and WG ends as of January 2017. So, after waiting so long for new missions, NA is getting plenty of them at once; the final mission, for all servers, is expected to be for ARP Takao, is coming in November.

This month’s missions are for Nachi and Haguro, a pair of Myoko-class cruisers; the former’s missions can be done by T6+ ships, the latter’s T4-5. The missions last all of October.

They both require you to deal a total of 1,300,000 damage over three missions, but you’ll have to grind each separately due to the tier restrictions. Nachi won’t be so hard, but Haguro might prove to be annoying considering the same amount of damage needs to be done in ships that generally don’t have as much firepower as, say, T10 battleships. Good luck!



Ranked Battles Season 5

The new season of Ranked Battles has been officially announced, along with the specifics of this season: rules, rewards, and so on. The start date is October 1st, and there are two tier groups: the first, from rank 23 up to rank 16, for T6, the second then on being T8.

Unlike previous seasons, it’s not 5/6 and 7/8, only those two tiers in their own leagues. The last “safe” rank you can’t go back from is rank 12, and bonus stars for going up a rank stop with rank 10. Just like last season, if you’re the top player on your (losing) team you do not lose a star. Unfortunately, it seems that even if you’re a stellar player, it’ll still be a painful grind all the way up to rank 1 unless you’ve got godlike luck.

There are two new flags to get, as well: the Jolly Roger 3, and this season’s exclusive flag, that of Wilhelmshaven:

Sources: EU News Portal, RU News Portal

NA Server Pirate Day

Today is Talk Like a Pirate day, and the devs went so far as to get Jon St. John, the famous voice actor for Duke Nukem, to do a pirate voiceover for the in-battle announcer. It’s just a little bit of fun, and for just one day, there’s a simple mission to get a pirate flag. Not the Ranked flag, mind you, but a different, not as special one – but still cool looking.


ASIA High School Fleet Flag Code

The code for the High School Fleet collaboration flag has been released, and it works – but only on ASIA. Maybe it’ll come to the other servers soon enough, too! Or maybe we’ll have to wait until the official start of the event. Either way, it’s good that WG is throwing ASIA a bone of sorts, even if it isn’t like the magical incoming-increasing flag that NA got.


Source: Reddit

“High School Fleet” Anime Collaboration

Not only is World of Warships working with the makers of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, but now it’s going to be doing something with another anime, called “High School Fleet.”

Basically, it’s about modern high school girls who learn to crew WW2-era warships. The game files show that there’s a commemorative flag related to this anime collaboration, but there will probably be something more substantial as well – captains, unique ships, who knows. I’m interested in how the devs will manage to keep this content secluded like they did with the Arpeggio stuff. Maybe another anime-styled port?

I do find these collaborations pretty amusing, though, I’ve got to admit.


Ranked Battles: Early October!

MrConway on the EU forums has confirmed some more information regarding the upcoming season 5 of Ranked Battles. Keep in mind that this is EU-specific information, though, so it really might not apply to NA or ASIA; Ranked for EU started later last season, if you remember. Here’s what he had to say, specifically:


The next season of ranked battles will be upon us soontm!

We have some preliminary information for you to get yourselves, your ships and your captains ready for the new season!

Single tier leagues:

  • To make all matches entirely fair in regards to the ship tier, every rank will have only one ship tier allowed!

Safe ranks:

  • Safe ranks have been slightly increased (up to rank 16)


  • Up to rank 16: Tier VI
  • Rank 15 – rank 1: Tier VIII


  • Early October (stay tuned on the portal for an exact date)

I’m guessing that early October is also when the Royal Navy’s cruisers will be released. Hopefully, on the NA server at least, there won’t be an issue of low server population like there was in season 3 and earlier, which also featured tier 8 battles. It’s been a while since then, so I’d like to be optimistic.

Source: EU Forums

World of Warships Birthday Event

This month marks the first birthday of World of Warships, and it’s only natural, of course, that there’s going to be some special events to mark the occasion. There are a few things happening, and they’re generally the same across all servers; the information I’m sharing here is from the NA server specifically.

First, there are some secret achievements to unlock, though no rewards are known. You can also get a commemorative flag and “Dragon” signal flags that give +333% Commander XP by playing one battle from the 16th-19th. Finally, you can get some more of those signal flags if you meet any of the following requirements on the 16th:

  • 500 battles: you’ll get 50x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.
  • 1,000 battles: you’ll get 100x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.
  • 2,000 battles: you’ll get 150x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.
  • 3,000 battles: you’ll get 200x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.
  • 4,000 battles: you’ll get 250x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.
  • 5,000 battles: you’ll get 300x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.
  • 6,000 battles: you’ll get 350x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.
  • 7,000 battles: you’ll get 400x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.
  • 8,000 battles, you’ll get 450x “Dragon” Consumable Flags +50 for each tier X you own.

Not too bad for an anniversary special; definitely miles better than the Wargaming anniversary event.