On Hiatus

It’s been 25 days since I last posted anything. There are reasons for this: personal issues, moving to a different country, spotty internet access. I’m sorry for not making mention of it earlier; it was always on my mind, but I’ve had a whole mountain of other things to get sorted out.

The blog isn’t dead, but I can’t give it the attention it deserves right now. As much as I’d like to, there are other things that take priority. I’m not going to go into them, this isn’t my personal blog, it’s a news site.

I can’t give an exact date, but I know I’ll be in a better situation around mid-January. It’s a long wait, and I’m hoping for things to clear up before then, but that’s all I’ve got for now.

For everyone still checking in, thank you. Fleet Review will be back, don’t you worry.