Talkin’ Ship Global Publishing Producer Interview

I’ve been away from home lately, haven’t been able to update the site at all, but here’s something from a few days ago: an interview with the Wargaming Global Publishing Producer, asking some questions about future stuff for WoWs. On reddit, godzilla5549 has transcribed the video, which I’ll share here:

  • Kitakami will make an appearance in the future at some point. Only available for high skilled players as a reward (or something else). Will never be on sale.
  • “Going back to the drawing board” for Ranked and Team Battles
  • Team Battles will be redone more extensively – “Likely not to be finished until the end of the year”
  • They are happy with experimenting with different settings each Ranked Season to find what is the best choice for each region
  • “Pretty significant differences between regions” in terms of what they like for Ranked Battles
  • “Too many redesigns too many times means that we don’t know what we are doing and should just scrap the mode”
  • On the method of releasing major patches – “We have one deployment team and 5 servers. We have to do them one by one.”

  • “I see no reason why any [premium] ship should be released on any server first.”
  • “We are running this as a game, we are releasing [premium ships] as content. We release it when it has the most impact for us.”
  • “We do not purposefully release something on one server and don’t release it on another.”
  • “We will not be unifying premium ship releases across regions. […] This is not malicious on our part.”
  • “Company management really wants to do [unified accounts]. At a development level it is really hard. Different projects running, different economies, different currencies. Not good for us to rush into that kind of change.”
  • “If you could change one thing in World of Warships, what would you change? – I would make more interactions with the game mechanics. […] The only direct interaction is trading HP with other players. […] This is fine on one hand, but it also leads to balancing issues. Everything needs to be balanced around dealing damage. It limits the variety of what we can do.”
  • “Many player actions are directed towards their own survival. Very rarely do people play for the team.”
  • Favorite nicknames for ships – “Trollspite, Pepsicola, Le Baguette, Gremlin”

Source: Reddit


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