Patch 5.12 Public Test

I’ll start by giving the sad news: no, as far as has been announced, British cruisers and new Japanese destroyers are not coming in this patch. Maybe that will change, but so far it’s looking like they’ll come with patch 5.13.

The Test Server will be up tomorrow, September 20th, at 18:30 CEST, ending on 26th September at 15:00 CEST.

Instead of new ships, in this patch we have:

  • XP and credits for spotting and tanking damage
  • a new map
  • reduced bow armour for tier 8-10 battleships
  • nerfed Udaloi and Khabarovsk
  • new Steering Gears modification for tier 7-10 cruisers for mad fast turns
  • punishments for people who enter a battle and do nothing

So, not a whole lot with the new ships taken out, but it’s not so bad, should certainly shake things up a bit. I’m interested to see when the other planned changes for this year arrive, since it’s creeping closer and closer to 2017.



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