Japanese TGS Interview

Some new information from a rather unexpected source: Tokyo Game Show, all done in Japanese. As per usual, WG didn’t release an official translation, so BlackCatOscar on Reddit has made a summary of the interview for us:

ARP Takao event to start in October (ASIA server for now probably), and lasts until December

The mission to obtain her will not be easy, but will be set at a level that most people will be able to finish

This is probably last of ARP event for now

Haifuri event will start in first half of 2017

TGS goers will get special Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School flag

Spotting xp bonus will come in next update in late September or early October (9.12?)

British cruisers will appear in mid October

British cruisers will be something between DD and CL. Developers are still struggling with their balancing

IJN DD branching splitting will come in mid October, but after British cruisers

One of the reasons for IJN DD branching splitting is to increase their popularity which has dropped after the introduction of Soviet DD

Clans will come soon

I can only imagine the massive grind for the ARP Takao. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being just a string of “do damage” missions.

Sources: Reddit, Original Japanese Interview


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