Potential Changes to Battleship Armour

A post by Sub_Octavian on the NA forums says that there are plans – nothing at all confirmed yet – to reduce bow armour for all high-tier battleships from 32mm, allowing all affected battleships to overmatch each others’ bow armour, hopefully preventing high-tier battleship-on-battleship combat from being a bit stale. Here’s the forum quote:

Montana is not perfectly balanced now, but we already gave her some love in 0.5.6. We will for sure continue working on her (as on balancing other ships) further on. There are also some problems with high-tier US cruisers – and it will be solved, too.

But frankly speaking, I read about national bias all the time. The difference is that on RU server its “you want USSR ships to be worse” and here it is vice versa:)

And in reality, there is nothing like that. We don’t care for nations/politics, we develop MMO action game, and there is question of balancing different units/unit groups. This is it.

We appreciate you guys being constructive.

Changes to top-tier BB armor are being discussed (and will be proto-tested on ST), which potentially will result in overmatching bow and aft plating of all top-tier BBs by each other. Then it will be matter of traverse armor durability (and Yamato should be good at it anyways, but she won’t be totally invincible to AP Montana in frontal engagement anymore).

This is one risky change, so we will be careful about it. But it might just solve the problem (or at least contribute to the solution) of top-tier balance of BBs as they won’t be able to ignore each other as often happens now.

As for Montana deck – we will try to squeeze increase to 38 mm into 0.5.12, but no promises for now. We’ll see.

Thank you and have a nice day.

This would probably be a buff for Montana while also being a nerf to Yamato, Bismarck, and possibly Tirpitz. We’ll see what happens; this is quite a big change.

Source: NA Forums Dev Post


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