Nagato/Arizona Armour Bugs

With the help of the new armour viewer, people have been able to find some issues with the armour modelling on a couple battleships: the Nagato and the Arizona. Both are missing armour where they should have it, leaving problems such as the Nagato, for example, having only 76mm of armour over part of her citadel.

Sub_Octavian posted (quote below) on this issue, and he says it will be fixed – not in patch 5.12, but a later patch. Good to see that the armour viewer is working as it should!

Okay, we looked into it.

1. Nagato – there is a mistake, we will fix it.

2. Arizona – there is a mistake, we will fix it.

3. New Mexico – this occurs due to armor viewer peculiarities.

I am awfully sorry for these mistakes. I doubt we will fix it in 0.5.12, but for sure in one of the following updates. They occured due to tremendous amount of work when re-making armor for viewer purposes. But that didn’t justify them. I am just saying that these are mistakes, not some intentional nerf.

Big_Spud, thank you so much for bringing this. I will ask my comarade Pigeon of War to issue some signals to you and to another contributer MeetTheBadger from Montana thread as a sign of our gratitude.

That for sure was a meaningful day on NA forum:honoring:

Source: NA Forums Dev Post


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