Russian Q&A – 11/09/16

Yet more translations from Babykim, and it seems like different devs (Vessery in this instance) are doing the Q&As – as we’ve seen, Sub_Octavian seems to be taking some time to go about the NA forums. Unexpected, but not a bad thing, as long as we get good info out of it either way.

Q: Do the signal flags such as Victor Lima and India X-Ray increase the chance of setting fire with secondaries?
A: Currently, signal flags affect the main battery and bombs only. We plan to extend the bonus to secondaries in one of the next patches.

Q: The USS Flint will be gifted to players who took the first rank three times. It you continue gifting ships based on a series of ranks, than people who started late (before the announcement of such gifts) will always be behind.
A: Yes, but you still have the chance of getting the Flint for taking the first rank three times. Besides, we have to honor those who take first rank every season.

Q: The IJN Yubari has very limited torpedo arcs. Is this a deliberate nerf?
A: No. The 20 deg arcs are given by the actual location of the tubes on the hull.

Q: Does destroying modules on an enemy ship give you experience or credits?
A: No.

Q: If you repair a section of the ship whose hit points are depleted, will it take damage again?
A: Yes. You can repair 1/10 of damage to the citadel, 1/2 of of damage to the remaining parts, and any damage “to the red stripe”. For example, you receive 6k points of damage to the bow and 7k points of damage from fire and flooding “to the stripe”. One half of 6k and 7k can be repaired. The repair party active for 10 seconds, repairing 0.5k per second, will replenish 1.5k to the bow and 3.5k “to the stripe”. The bow can now take another 1.5k of damage.

Q: If a shell penetrates several armored plates, does the normalization and the 14.3 caliber rule apply to the first plate only.
A: Yes.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums Dev Answers thread


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