Upcoming CV Economy Changes

According to a post by Sub_Octavian on the NA forums (yes, the RU Q&A guy), in patch 5.12, resulting in aircraft carriers getting more XP/credits for shooting down planes and less for damaging ships with bomb/torpedoes. Here’s the exact quote:


Our nearest plan is to balance CV economy (and make they earn more for air superiority and less for damaging ships). At the same time, overall game economy will change, as tanking and recon will be rewarded. If all goes well, it should come in 0.5.12.
Next things to consider is probably CV role and efficiency at low tiers and at the same time lack ov CVs on high tiers (which is actually bad for the game – as it also means lack of recon and less value for AA ships).

This doesn’t seem to me to be the best way to improve aircraft carriers, really. While shooting down planes does deserve more XP and credits than it currently does, this doesn’t do anything to really improve gameplay for aircraft carriers.

Source: NA Forums


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