Russian Q&A – 09/09/16

Some more from Babykim, and some interesting stuff this time around, for sure. I’m very curious as to what’s going to come to high-tier cruisers; the use of “postponed” implies the previous idea of giving both Defensive AA and Hydro might stand.

Definitely disappointed about Prinz Eugen not getting anything special other than extra credit earning, though.

Q: I noticed inconsistencies between the hit ribbons and the damage dealt.
A: Confusion may occur because not all penetrations cause damage. For example, a disabling hit on a turret is a penetration that does not reduce the HP of a ship.

Q: There were plans to allow some cruisers taking Defensive AA Fire and Hydroacoustic Search already in 0.5.11.
A: We have postponed this decision, but you can expect another bonus for higher tier cruisers soon.

Q: Why not give Smoke to the Atlanta?
A: The Atlanta already has two consumables, which suffice to make her competitive.

Q: Can you clarify when an AP shell will bounce (ricochet).
A: We have decreased the angles that lead to bounces, which currently are:
Sure bounce: before (0-30 degrees), after (0-22.5 degrees)
A chance of bounce: before (30-45 degrees), after (22.5-30 degrees)
No chance of bounce: before (45-90 degrees), after (30-90 degrees)
Note that an HE shell will never bounce.

Q: How does the thickness of armor influence the chance of bounces
A: The thickness only effects penetrations via the 14.3 rule. The armor is penetrated if the nominal armor thickness (i.e. perfectly perpendicular hit) is less than the caliber divided by 14.3.

Q: How many ellipses govern the distribution of artillery hits?
A: Just one.

Q: I would like to filter game modes, e.g. play standard battles only.
A: We currently do not plan this option.

Q: Why 8 km visibility limit in a cyclone, as opposed to a percentage penalty, so that the battleships are still easier to detect than the destroyers?
A: We wanted cyclones to invoke a radical change in gameplay. We have made the minimap more informative and added a synoptic in 0.5.11.

Q: I believe torpedos cannot be used in stormy seas during a cyclone.
A: This is more of a suggestion than a question.

Q: We still have battles with 5-8 destroyers per side.
A: We consider nerfing some destroyers, and buffing other classes, either directly or by changing the overall meta.

Q: I have an 17.8 inch notebook with 1600-900 resolution in game. Why does the reticle take most the screen in close view (binoculars)
A: You probably use the dynamic reticle, which always takes most of the screen in close view.

Q: Will the Prince Eugen get new or rare consumables such as Smoke Screen or Repair Party?
A: No. But we plan adding a profitability bonus to this cruiser.

Q: Following the resent matchmaking changes, tier 5 became food to higher tiers.
A: The main reasons for the change is the overall reduction of tier spreads and the fact that novice players should have more comfortable gameplay. We can expect tier 5 players to have enough experience, while tier 5 ships still can influence the outcomes of tier 7 battles. We will keep monitoring statistics for tier 5, and make adjustments if necessary.

Q: I fired a salvo of torpedoes and died before the last torpedo was released.
A: This is because torpedoes in a salvo are fired with a short delay between them.

Q: Does the anti-torpedo protection of German battleships work as intended? They appear very vulnerable to both aerial and ship torpedoes.
A: Yes, it does.

Q: I fear that the Fubuki with a 6-torpedo salvo on tier 6 would further aggravate the torpedo soup problem.
A: We already have destroyers with large salvos on low and medium tiers, e.g. the Farragut (8 torpedos), the Derzki (10 torpedos).

Q: Why buff American carriers by baffling their fighters?
A: Because American carriers with fighter setups where very ineffective in gaining air-superiority.

Q: Does the number of doubloons needed to retrain a captain depend on the tier of the ship?
A: No, only on the number of skill points of the captain.

Q: Is Demolition Expert useful for a carrier?
A: Not really. It is most useful when the baseline chance of fire is small and the number of hits is large.

Q: Carrier will not auto-drop on a ship concealed in smoke.
A: Yes, in this case you need to use the Alt.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums Dev Answer thread


2 thoughts on “Russian Q&A – 09/09/16”

  1. Q: I believe torpedos cannot be used in stormy seas during a cyclone.
    A: This is more of a suggestion than a question.

    I kinda like this suggestion. Maybe not eliminate the use of Torps totally, but have a chance of them going wide? Set to narrow shot then have half go to full spread or something along those lines.


    1. Maybe, it depends on how well destroyers are doing in cyclones. I don’t think an RNG-based debuff would be fun, though; the main purpose of the cyclone is to reduce visibility, which is supposed to be a cool gameplay effect.


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