Ranked Battles: Early October!

MrConway on the EU forums has confirmed some more information regarding the upcoming season 5 of Ranked Battles. Keep in mind that this is EU-specific information, though, so it really might not apply to NA or ASIA; Ranked for EU started later last season, if you remember. Here’s what he had to say, specifically:


The next season of ranked battles will be upon us soontm!

We have some preliminary information for you to get yourselves, your ships and your captains ready for the new season!

Single tier leagues:

  • To make all matches entirely fair in regards to the ship tier, every rank will have only one ship tier allowed!

Safe ranks:

  • Safe ranks have been slightly increased (up to rank 16)


  • Up to rank 16: Tier VI
  • Rank 15 – rank 1: Tier VIII


  • Early October (stay tuned on the portal for an exact date)

I’m guessing that early October is also when the Royal Navy’s cruisers will be released. Hopefully, on the NA server at least, there won’t be an issue of low server population like there was in season 3 and earlier, which also featured tier 8 battles. It’s been a while since then, so I’d like to be optimistic.

Source: EU Forums


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