New/Old Japanese DD Roles Explained

Sub_Octavian on the RU forums has gone into detail as to the design philosophy behind the newly arriving Japanese destroyers, and their older counterparts which are receiving rebalances. According to a translation done by iku_19 on reddit:

It’s assumed that two types of playstyle will be made:

  • Sufficiently versatile ships, unobtrusive and designed to both use main caliber and torpedoes [probably along the lines of multi-purpose, jack-of-all-trades– think USN DDs]
  • More “artillery” variants with fewer torpedoes (but with wider arcs/faster traverse/faster torpedoes) and access to the reload accelerator [torpedo reload booster consumable, more specialized in artillery but with a torpedo bite– think VMF DDs]

The current playstyle of “stealth [torpedo] soup” will therefore change. [Expect torpedo nerfs, and artillery buffs]

But this in preliminary information, the branch in the near future will go to supertest. [This information is not final]

Text inside the [brackets] are my comments.

A bit sad that the torpedo emphasis of Japanese destroyers is going away, but maybe it’s for the best considering simply how difficult it is to balance that properly.

Sources: Reddit, RU Forums Dev Post


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