NA Tech Tree Premium Changes

On NA, and possibly EU and ASIA as well, the premium ships that are currently in the tech tree to purchase with doubloons are being swapped around. Four ships enter, and three ships leave, when patch 5.11 arrives – which should be next week, I’m guessing.

  • Koenig Albert, tier 3 battleship
  • USS Smith, tier 2 destroyer
  • USS Sims, tier 7 destroyer
  • USS Saipan, tier 7 aircraft carrier

are the ships entering the tech tree, and the ones leaving (for now) are:

  • ORP Blyskawica, tier 7 destroyer
  • Diana, tier 2 cruiser
  • Murmansk, tier 5 cruiser.

The Murmansk and Blyskawica are solid ships, so it’s worth buying them before they go. Sadly Murmansk isn’t as good as she used to be, but she’s still a solid tier 5 credit-earner. Of the new ships, Koenig Albert is completely new to the game, though she’s just tier 3 so that’s quite the handicap. In my opinion, aside from collectibles for those interested, premium ships only really become worthwhile at tier 5 and up – though some tier 4 ships are quite interesting.



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