5.11 Test Server Datamine

Some datamining of the test server files courtesy of Vaexa, with some expected stuff to be found in here. I’ll note, though, that unlike previously mentioned in the EU version of the patch 5.11 test notes, Hydroacoustic Search and Defensive AA Fire are still on the same slot. No fun cruiser buff for you guys, sorry.

Data changes


  • Royal Navy cruisers, consumables, modules, floatplanes etc added
  • Permoflages added for Taiho, Baltimore, Udaloi, Ibuki, Kagero, Friedrich der Große, Essex

Balance changes


  • Kongo: A hull removed (replaced by B hull); B (new A) hull HP nerfed (54100 > 49500)
  • IJN BB and CV armour models reworked (for the armour viewer)
  • USN CV armour models reworked (ditto)
  • Some miscellaneous ships had their armour models tweaked slightly, nothing major (praise be, armour viewer)
  • Some ships had hull section HP pools redistributed, as part of the armour model reworks (nothing major)
  • Kirov: duplicate main gun mod II removed, secondary mod II added


  • USN fighters: ammo buffed (this was documented, roughly 33% extra ammo for each0
  • Supermarine Walrus: generally buffed slightly (speed, etc, by very slight amounts)


  • USSR and USN radar consumables: reload time halved (360 > 180 for the silver variant, 240 > 120 for the premium variant)

Text changes

  • Text added for new Epicenter mode
  • Text added for Royal Navy cruisers (names, descriptions, etc)
  • Text added for the pirate voice option
  • Lots of things rephrased again (armour group names and the like, the usual typo fixing and other very slight changes)

I recommend the pirate voiceover option, it’s kinda fun.

Source: Reddit


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