New Arpeggio Missions – NA & ASIA

For September, both the NA and ASIA server (no, not EU) are getting some more Arpeggio missions to unlock ships; the missions can be completed throughout the month.

NA gets the opportunity, finally, to unlock Ashigara and Hiei, a Myoko-class and Kongo-class respectively. Both come with a six-point captain, too, but the catch this time is that the Hiei missions can only be completed in a tier 4 or 5 ship, and the Ashigara missions in a tier 6 or higher ship – in other words, you can’t work on both at the same time.

ASIA gets a new Arpeggio ship, Nachi, also a Myoko-class. These missions are also restricted to tier 6+ ships, but you also get a 12-point captain at the end of it.

Again, the Arpeggio ships aren’t premium ships, they don’t earn more credits or XP than usual, but they’re free to earn through missions.

Sources: WoWs ASIA, WoWs NA


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