EU: British Captain/Campbeltown Missions

While there aren’t any new Arpeggio missions for the EU server, they get something that’s interesting in and of itself. Through a few relatively simple missions, you can earn both the decidedly unexceptional tier 3 British destroyer Campbeltown, as well as a 12-point captain for her as well, which could prove to be useful for the coming cruiser line.

It’s nothing amazing, but in my mind it’s a bit more relevant than more Arpeggio missions, as much as they were missed on the NA server. Also, it saves you some time from having to grind a new captain. Sensible!



1 thought on “EU: British Captain/Campbeltown Missions”

  1. That sucks, eu get a premium ship, an unspectacular premium ship, but still a premium. And NA gets the arpeggio ships that only have value to people who want the show but are basically useless to everyone else.


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