Public Test 5.11

Now that the dust has settled on the German battleship release, it’s time to get back to the usual business – and that includes the release of regular patches, of course. This one in particular is something I’ve been looking forward to for ages now: the armour viewer.

Oh, and besides that in this patch there’s a new Random Battle game mode, map changes, a new map entirely, and a handful of balance changes. Namely:

  • The reload time for the “Surveillance Radar” consumable has been lowered to make cruisers more effective against destroyers.
  • “Hydroacoustic Search” and “Defensive AA Fire” consumables are now placed in different slots, which will allow cruisers to choose both in order to strengthen their supporting role.
  • USN fighters’ ammunition capacities have been increased by 30%. This change will make fighter configurations stronger, thus making US carriers’ roles more team-oriented and focused on protecting allies.

Edit: unfortunately, on the test server HAS and DF are still in the same slot for cruisers. Maybe that will come in the future, who knows, but right now it’s not being implemented. A bit disappointing.

The Public Test Server will be up tomorrow, August 30th, around 4:30pm GMT.



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