World of Warships Future Content

Two of the new, interesting things coming to World of Warships in the future – hopefully, at least – are going to be crew animations in port and loot crates.

The crew animations look really cool, even if they’re just a little bit of flavour for your ships in the port. There isn’t going to be anything gameplay-related involved in the crew, and crewmembers almost certainly won’t be visible in battle, but it adds some much-needed life to the port in an interesting way.

The other upcoming feature seems to be a bit bigger. I’ve posted before about what seem to be Loot Boxes or something like that, but there’s been some mixed information about what exactly they are and how they’re going to work. The Q&A from earlier implied that they weren’t anything particularly new or special, but this official video looks very much otherwise.

They’re officially called ‘Spoils of War’ now, but since the video is in Russian a lot of questions remain unanswered.

However, a helpful poster on Reddit, Danke_SPb, has translated what’s in the video so we can get a better insight as to how this might work. Many thanks!

So here is what in video:
– unlock containers by gaining experience during the day, you can see required amount on the progress bar on the right
-3 containers per day available
-if you don’t manually open container it will be automatically opened at the end of the day
– options after opening container:
1. More credits
2. More signals and camos
3. More equipment – see icons
4. Try your luck – higher chance to get “super-container”, lower reward in case of failing (i.e. not getting super-container).

Looking at comments above – no, you don’t pay for it with exp, only need to earn it in game. Think of it as another daily quest.

So, from that, it looks like the Spoils of War will function similarly to Loot Boxes and stuff in other games, where you earn them through playing and get random rewards. This is probably the most interesting thing WG has showcased all year besides new ship trees; it’s an immediate change to part of the style of the game, and gives another goal to work towards instead of just grinding up different ship lines.

With any luck, both of these features will be implemented by the end of the year!

Sources: WoWs EU News Portal, Reddit


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