Unified Gold Economy: Not Anymore!

That title is utterly terrible for getting the message across succinctly, so here it is in other words: World of Tanks/Warplanes gold won’t be unified with World of Warships doubloons, at least not in the near future. This is according to a WoT Gamescom Q&A, and it’s a little funny that official outlets on the WoWs side have been quiet about it.

Fisch: Will there be unified Premium Accounts (currency and time) for all Wargaming games?

A: We already have unified Premium Accounts for our PC “World of” titles, so all fans of these games can purchase Premium Account safe in the knowledge that the amount is shared between them. As for the in-game currency, we have considered it, but it is difficult to introduce unified currencies in different MMO projects because they all have different life cycles and economies, so for the time being we plan to keep these separate.

Plenty of people will be miffed about this; personally, I quit WoT about a year or more ago and cashed out all my gold for premium time. Not really the best way to use it, but I never thought gold would be unified for a long time anyway.

It might happen sometime in the unforeseeable future, but for now, quite unlikely.

Source: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/gamescom/gamescom-2016-summary/#developers


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