Lootboxes in World of Warships

One last, interesting thing was shown off at Gamescom, and it’ll be a bit familiar to you if you’ve played Overwatch or similar games.

WG hasn’t made an official statement on it outside of Gamescom, but according to the poster who originally recorded this and mentioned it on the EU Forums, Morgan_Gorgoroth, it’s planned to be in the game hopefully before the end of the year. As you can see, it looks like some random reward, maybe to do with XP or battle performance, with each box potentially giving you something. In this case, it was 7 charges of the smokescreen consumable. Other games include rare costumes, decals, and stuff like that in their lootboxes, so maybe WoWs will have something like that – after all, WG has stated they’re interested in including more ship customization.

Source: EU Forums and Video


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