British Cruisers Preview Pictures

Just as the title says: pictures of all the upcoming British cruisers. Since their models are done, I’m guessing most of the time spent on them from now until release will be tweaking and balancing, so we should be able to expect them fairly soon, I’m hoping. Certainly a lot quicker than the German battleships.

Note that these are officially-sanctioned pictures posted by Eisenkarl on the EU forums; these aren’t leaks or anything, they’re legit.

Tier 1: Black Swan

Tier 2: Weymouth

Tier 3: Caledon

Tier 4: Danae

Tier 5: Emerald

Tier 6: Leander

Tier 7: Fiji

Tier 8: Edinburgh

Tier 9: Neptune (design)

Tier 10: Minotaur (design)

Sources: EU Forums Translation, Original Forum Posts by Eisenkarl


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