Russian Q&A – 15/08/16

Carnotzet and Babykim on the EU forums have translated a bit of information, mostly about stuff planned for the future. Actually pretty interesting, I’d say, though the part about Soviet battleships won’t make many people happy.


According to this post, Soviet battleships are planned to be added next year.

Now, we don’t know if it concerns a full branch or only a few premium ships (even if the formulation seems to point at the former).

[C: Please be cautious when taking this information for granted since plans can always be altered. It is but one statement made by one developer and is not to be taken as an official announcement. I know how plans for new branches can get people all worked up (especially when the new branch happens to be a Soviet one) so please don’t jump the gun and start a flame war for nothing. Besides, we have no information on the other branches WG is planning to release next year. Thank you.]

Babykim getfun video summary:

1). IJN Zao, which is known to have better average stats than all other tier X cruisers, will not be nerfed. The other cruisers will be somewhat buffed instead.

2). When a new US cruiser branch is released, USS Cleveland will be moved to a higher tier, whereas USS Baltimore might be moved to a lower tier. When all this will happen is unknown.

3). IJN Kitakami is not considered as an award for ranked battles. The developers are still thinking what to do with it. It might appear at the end of the year.

4). The 17th of September is the birthday of World of Warships. The developers will try their best to please the players, especially the veterans.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums Dev post, Getfun video


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