Patch 5.10 Notes

Finally arriving after much hype, patch 5.10 will be here on August 17th for NA, and August 18th for ASIA and EU.

The main feature of this patch is something everybody knows by now: German battleships! There are also other additions, though, which can be found at the link at the bottom, but summed up briefly, here’s what we’ve got:

  • Tier 1 ships have their own MM queue, and T1 gameplay has been vastly simplified.
  • New sounds! Par for the course with every patch.
  • Colour blind mode!
  • Some maps have been adjusted to perform better and look prettier.
  • Fail divisions are now a thing of the sad, distant past.
  • Bismarck, North Carolina, Benson and Chapayev now have permanent camouflage.
  • Secondary battery guns can no longer do friendly fire damage.
  • Various little changes to the user interface, including new post-battle stats.

And finally, one more point that deserves further clarification: normalization for armour piercing shells, which has an effect on penetration by effectively reducing the angle of impact, helping shells penetrate. Normalization is now based on gun size, following the rules below:

  • Up to and including 139mm—10 degrees
  • 140 to 152mm—8.5 degrees
  • 153 to 240mm—7 degrees
  • 241mm and more—6 degrees.

Broadly speaking, this is a buff for American and German cruisers, a buff for most battleships, a buff for destroyers, and a nerf for Japanese cruisers. Keep in mind that this isn’t a huge change to balance, and while a few degrees here or there may seem important it’s not the sort of thing that’s going to massively influence an individual ship’s performance. It may be a nerf or a buff in some cases, but it’s not a huge one either way.



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