Patch 5.9.1 Notes

A small patch is here already, nothing to really write home about. Normally these additional fixes aren’t worth much discussion, but this one actually adds to the game in a few minor – but quite helpful – ways.

There are few enough changes that I’ll just post the notes in full:

  • It is no longer possible to have 2 aircraft carriers in one team in Tier VIII-X battles (where the 2nd aircraft carrier was put into the team to shorten waiting time).
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hull B main guns on Karlsruhe to reload slower than on Hull A. As a result the guns now reloads in 6.5s instead of 8.57s.
  • Fixed issue that caused UI freeze when personal offer is declined.
  • Increased smoothness of ships movement after they are detected.
  • As an experiment, some new players will recieve Mini Client upon downloading, which will allow them to start playing before downloading the full version.
  • Some minor server issues fixed.

Quality of life changes, more or less, with a funny buff to the Karlsruhe. High-tier players will definitely like the first fix; it’s something people post about fairly often when making points about bad MM, so it’s good to see it’s (hopefully) gone now. I also like that there should be less “jaggedness” when spotting ships. Again, nothing huge, but it’s pretty good for a tiny little patch like this.



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