Updated Rules and Violations Policy

This is a different bit of news from the usual, but it’s important in its own way. In short, WG is introducing new rules to hopefully prevent people from being rather nasty in on the forums, in chat, and in-game; now, when you get a warning, it will be permanent, and every violation thereafter will count as a strike. Five strikes means you’re out, either resulting in a chat ban, game ban, or forum ban depending on how you broke the rules, all permanent.

Players who don’t break the rules will be given a “small reward” every three months, and also will be entered into a draw, the winner of which will get 90 days of premium time for free.

In other words, this is WG’s attempt at making the game and forums less toxic and more friendly. While I’d say that this isn’t the biggest issue facing WoWs right now, it’s still important in its own way. I’m glad they’re actually doing something, though we can’t tell yet if this will actually yield any positive results.

Sources: WoWs NA News Portal, Customer Support Article


2 thoughts on “Updated Rules and Violations Policy”

    1. Depends on who you ask, really. Carriers are various levels of unplayable, destroyers are either overpowered game changers or mostly useless, and Ranked Battles are often more stressful than they’re worth.

      I’m glad WG is doing stuff like this to improve the game, but it kind of rings hollow when major balance problems haven’t been fixed in a game that’s supposed to be well out of beta.


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