Patch 5.9 Notes

Coming to NA tomorrow, July 27th! And to EU on the 28th. This isn’t as big of a patch as it could be, considering that the Co-Op Assault mode isn’t being added, but there are lots of smaller changes to balance and such; I suppose it’s important to focus on these things for a bit instead of continuously adding new features.

The improved smokescreen mechanics and division voice chat are nice, though. And I’m happy the Atlanta is getting radar; that should be plenty of fun.

You can find the full patch notes at the link below, or you can watch the video above for an abridged take on them.The map changes remind me: I really need to update the Maps section of the site! I’ll see if I can fit in some time to do that tomorrow before work.



2 thoughts on “Patch 5.9 Notes”

  1. Well since we can’t get the German BBs, hopefully some the data miners will dig up some more in depth information on them in terms of modules and updates to the stats. And if hopefully they will not be underpowered like cruisers are presently(not as bad as they used to be, but their still at the bottoms of the totem pole for cruisers).


    1. No doubt gamemodels3d will have updates soonish. Ultimately, though, they’ll all be different levels of balanced, and some will be too strong and others too weak, and from there we can beg for fixes.


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