Patch 5.9 Expected Live Changes

A couple of notes posted by MrConway on the EU Forums about two important elements of patch 5.9 that will be coming. The first is about the change to the Situational Awareness skill; it’s still being removed and made universal, but the hopes for free skill resets or a skill point are, sadly, dashed.

From the thread:

  1. If Situational Awareness is the only 1st-tier skill taken by your commander, it will be changed to the Repair skill;

  2. If there is more than one 1st-tier skill taken by your commander, the commander will receive 1 skill point for the now removed SA skill;

So, in other words, the same as it was originally intended. I’m not so sure of this, since a blanket skill removal/skill point would be for the best in my opinion, but it’s not a particularly huge issue, just frustrating.

The second thing is that the Co-op Assault Mode, which was present in the public test, won’t be in patch 5.9. It needs more extensive balancing and work to make it fun and interesting, and it’s supposed to debut properly in a future patch. It was kind of cool to play, but I really won’t play Co-Op mode with any regularity until the credit rewards are the same as random battles; it’s too easy to lose money at tiers 8+, or even 7+, even though Co-Op is pretty easy compared to battling against human players.

Source: EU Forums Dev Post


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