5.9 Public Test Patch Notes

Though the public test is almost over, there was a patch to it just the other day. Most of the changes are just bugfixes, but there are a few very important and interesting ones which I’ve bolded in the full changelog below.

  • Changes to the Assault mode:
    • Fixed the display of the control point type;
    • The mode was slightly simplified
  • Fixed the sorting of signals in the port (similar to the sorting in the previous version);
  • Adjusted the matchmaker: In tier VIII-X battles (The battle tier is the maximum tier of the ships that could enter it) there can be no more than one CV in each team;
  • Adjusted battle tiers:
    • All tier I-IV ships, as well as tier V CV’s now have +1 tier maximum matchmaking
    • Other ships keep +2 tier matchmaking
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the target hit ribbon sometimes being doubled with a penetration;
  • Fixed a bug where a “Back to the battle” button wasn’t displayed on the post-battle statistics screen;
  • The “Display the edges of the smoke screen” functionality is now on by default. It can be switched off in the control settings;
  • Fixed a bug which led to the emergency shutdown of the client when the Neighbors map was loading;
  • Fixed the «Airgroups modification 1» modification. Now it gives the correct 10% bonus to the defensive armament of torpedo bombers and dive bombers;
  • Fixed a bug where the progress of capturing a control point wasn’t being displayed after reconnecting to the battle;
  • Fixed a bug which could result in the interface freezing during battle;
  • Fixed a bug resulting in a model of the aircraft not being displayed in the port on those catapults where it should;
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the emergency shutdown of the client when doing a post-battle survey;
  • Fixed an incorrect rounding off of the damage in the battle interface (floating numbers and counter);
  • Fixed the limit of 100 000 experience for free commander retraining (in the previous version, there was no limit, resulting in an inappropriately large amount of required experience in some cases);
  • Due to optimization of the server software, the time after which an inactive player is disconnected from the server was increased from 1 hour to 3. This will help the players who for any reason take long breaks while in port.

Source: EU Forums Dev Post


1 thought on “5.9 Public Test Patch Notes”

  1. Honestly, I’m not really satisfied with 0.5.9. The content is really mostly technical stuff and a small injection of new content(more bastion maps and the assault co-op mode(which I don’t think will be very popular considering the lack of rewards or earning potential with co-op overall)) for non-supertesters. I know I’m not the only one whos rather disappointed with the lack of playable German BB’s in 0.5.9(so far it seems) for regular players and the hype that was generated by the misleading announcement(which is what most people are upset with, myself included).

    The real stupid thing is(unless theirs another round of testing and we get to try the German BB’s and get them in 0.5.9 after all) that all the hype and subsequent disappointment/frustration could’ve been avoided if they had worded the article involving the German BB’s inclusion in world of warships differently. An apology from the dev’s on this would be much appreciated(to me anyway). Just my thoughts on 0.5.9 anyway.


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