5.9 Public Test Datamine & Ship Changes

Vaexa on reddit has posted the new changes in the game client for the public test version of patch 5.9, and meanwhile on the forums, Ph3lan has posted a clear list of the major ship changes so far in this patch. I’ve got both below; enjoy!

Data changes


  • German battleships (and relevant modules and shells) added
  • Dunkerque added
  • Dunkerque plane added (Loire 130?)
  • German battleship planes added
  • Veterans (referral program) flag added
  • Dunkerque flag added
  • Olympics flag added
  • Taiwanese navy flag added
  • Scharnhorst flag added
  • Dunkerque permoflage added

Balance changes


  • Tenryu/St. Louis/Bogatyr/Kolberg: battle levels changed from 3/4/5 to 3/4 (preferential MM)
  • Clemson/Isokaze/Izyaslav: battle levels changed from 4/5/6 to 4/5 (preferential MM)
  • Phoenix/Kuma/Karlsruhe/Svetlana: battle levels changed from 4/5/6 to 4/5 (preferential MM)
  • Ryujo/Independence: battle levels changed from 6/7/8 to 6/7 (preferential MM)
  • Hiryu/Ranger/Saipan: battle levels changed from 7/8/9 to 7/8 (preferential MM)
  • Lexington/Shokaku: battle levels changed from 8/9/10 to 8/9 (preferential MM)
  • Atlanta: radar added (separate slot, identical to Indianapolis’0
  • Kaiser: reload time buffed (30s > 26s)
  • US BB armour models changed (it’s in the patch notes, just more detailed armour models)
  • Tirpitz: two armour groups added
  • Chinese dragons: models and effects changed
  • Mogami: armour model changed slightly
  • Phoenix: tiny armour buff
  • Omaha/Marblehead: tiny armour buff (some group got buffed from 6 > 10mm)
  • Pensacola: armour model changed slightly
  • Baltimore: armour model changed slightly
  • Tachibana: hull volume changed slightly


  • Bastion fort 16” gun: dispersion buffed, reload time nerfed (5s > 7s)


  • Bastion 16” AP: alpha buffed (7800 > 16380)
  • 305mm König Albert AP KA: alpha nerfed (9300 > 8300)
  • 305mm AP Pz. Gr. L/4.9: alpha nerfed (9300 > 8400)
  • 305mm Kaiser AP Pz. Gr. L/3.4: alpha nerfed (9300 > 8300)
  • 283mm Nassau AP Pz. Gr. L/3.2: alpha nerfed (8200 > 7200)
  • 283mm Scharnhorst AP: (8700 > 7600)
  • 420mm Großer Kurfürst HE: drag buffed, initial velocity nerfed (800 > 775), mass changed (1220 > 1280)
  • 420mm Großer Kurfürst AP: drag buffed, initial velocity nerfed (800 > 775), mass changed (1220 > 1280), alpha buffed (13500 > 13600)


  • 53-27 (Krasny Krym): range buffed (3.7km > 5.0km)


  • Smoke generator: two second start delay added

Text changes

  • Strings added for armour model viewer (armour type names)
  • Strings added for new resupply thing
  • Names added for French captains
  • Ranks added for French captains
  • Strings added for Dunkerque (description, modules, etc)
  • Strings added for voice chat
  • Strings added for French nation
  • Strings added for new co-op gamemodes
  • Strings added for new minimap functions
  • Strings added for Scharnhorst flag
  • Strings added for Dunkerque flag
  • Strings added for Taiwanese Navy flag
  • Strings added for referral program flag
  • Strings added for Olympics flag
  • Strings added for Chinese dragon flags
  • Strings added for Dunkerque permoflage
  • Strings added for new German ships and planes (names, descriptions, modules)
  • Strings added for map stuff (not really sure if they’re new maps or not, and I can’t access the game to check on this internet)
  • Rewrote several map descriptions
  • Rephrased a ton of stuff (again)

Ship changes:

  • Warspite: deeper draft – improves survivability; Also receives improved model
  • Atlanta: Radar consumable added: Range: 8.5 km; Active For: 25 seconds; Reload Time (Surveillance Radar I): 360 seconds; Reload Time (Surveillance Radar II): 240 seconds; Number of Charges: 2 (Surveillance Radar I)/3 (Surveillance Radar II)
  • Tirpitz: we revised the dimensions of the bulkheads in her forward and aft ends. Now the armor runs from side to side of the ship while previously it protected the citadel only. Now it will be impossible to hit her citadel with a shell that bypasses slopes of the deck and transverse armor protection of the citadel
  • Omaha and Marblehead: for these ships, thickness of the casemate bulkheads was increased from 6 to 10 mm for the casemate closest to the forward end of the ship
  • Phoenix: casemate armor was extended from 10 mm to 13 mm
  • Pensacola and Baltimore: we fixed the error in their armor models where barbettes of the first main turret had not extended to the magazine deck. Now the armor layout of these in-game models is more historically accurate
  • Mogami: small inconsistencies in armor of her barbettes were corrected and the middle of her hull was modeled with more detail
  • Krasnyi Krym: torpedo range has been increased from 3.7 to 5 km, as the previous characteristics were not in line with the ship’s competitors on tier VI.

The preferential MM for all carriers is interesting; no doubt it’ll make finding a match in carrier more awkward and a bit slower, but hopefully more people will actually play carriers now. I suppose this also means that old, fairly useless Dogfighting Expert skill will get replaced? That, along with the removal of Situational Awareness as a skill might mean that captain skills are going to be changed overall again soonish.

Sources: Reddit, Ship Changes post by Ph3lan


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