5.9 Public Test

The German battleships are nearly here! No, 5.9 isn’t introducing them, and we very likely won’t be seeing them until mid-August; while it’s good to me particularly optimistic, it’s almost important to be cautious and to go with what WG has stated repeatedly before, which is that they’ll arrive around Gamescom.

Anyhow, that aside: the public test for patch 5.9 is starting tomorrow, the 19th of July, and will last until the 25th. Mostly, it’s changing visibility by adding visible smokescreen boundaries, making the Situational Awareness skill automatic and free for everyone, adding voice chat to divisions, implementing a new PvE mode, and improving the armour models for US battleships and Warspite.

The German battleships are being added to the game client this update, too – but only for supertesters.

Side note: the Atlanta now has radar!

Source: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-059/


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