History Sunday

I’ve always wanted to have more historical articles on the blog – not necessarily about naval battles themselves, but about warships in general. My early post about the INS Vikrant, and the one earlier today about the Chinese aircraft carrier theme parks, are the sort of thing I’m thinking of. Not along any particular theme, but generally just interesting things I come across that I can share and write about. I might even slip in some future tech tree speculation, too, to add some more relevance to World of Warships itself.

From now on I’m going to post a historical article every Sunday, because the weekend tends to be the quietest time of the week, with little news coming out.

I hope everyone enjoys the articles as they come along!


3 thoughts on “History Sunday”

  1. speaking of tech trees, I could do up an article for the German Destroyer line if you wish. I’ve done research on it and have a pretty good idea how it will most likely turn out.


    1. I appreciate the offer! But I just prefer to have all the non-news stuff on the site be my own content. It’s not a snub against you or anyone else, it’s just the way I’d like to do things – even if it’s a bit less efficient. 😛


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