Aim Assist 2: The Assistening

I remember, way back in the Closed Beta, the big boogeyman was aim assist. The game wasn’t properly released so it was a bit of a Wild West in terms of how rules were applied, and while WG tried to stop mods like aim assist, they were inevitably made and spread. Whenever someone got a good, high-damage hit, what was the typical response? Accusations that the shooter was using a mod, of course. This continued until WoWs was released in the autumn of last year and the playerbase expanded beyond those who had initially suffered the real days of aim assist. Sometimes, though, you do get accuesations of hacking and mods, but they’re almost all baseless.

Until today! In some of his videos, Notser revealed his dark secret: a little stopwatch beside the seconds counter that tells you the time until your shells hit your target, when you’re firing. Basically, this acts as a sort of basic aim assist: you find the sweet spot where it’s calculated you’ll hit your target, confirmed by the stopwatch ‘pulsing’ a little. You can see it in the video below, at about 2 minutes in:

People tried this out, and it really does work; however, WG was remarkably quick with responding to this, and from what I can tell, it’s just an issue of literally no one noticing until now. It’s an artefact from the alpha stages of the game’s development, and was never removed.

It doesn’t really function as a proper aim assist, but trying to use it as such seems to have had good results for some people – maybe it’s helpful, maybe it’s just confirmation bias or something. I tried it out in a couple battleship games and didn’t really find it all that useful compared to aiming like I usually do, so to each their own.

Either way, it’s getting removed in patch 5.9, since it genuinely isn’t supposed to be there.

Sources: Reddit, EU Forums thread


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