French Battleship Dunkerque Stats

New test files for patch 5.9 have been leaked and are on gamemodels3d, meaning we get to look at the rest of the German battleship line – as well as an unexpected guest! Wargaming has even officially mentioned her now: the upcoming tier 6 premium French battleship, Dunkerque. Here are her detailed stats, along with a nice picture.

Keep in mind that all of these stats are liable to change, and we have no idea when she’s going to be released. Some people speculate that she’ll be out in time for France’s Bastille Day (July 14th), and while that would be cool, it feels like that’s a bit too soon, considering she still needs testing and all that.


Tier 6 French Battleship Dunkerque, showing her ‘Fierce Face’

Health: 52 600

Main Battery: 4×2 330-mm/52 St. Chamond Mle 1932

  • Main gun firing range: 18.2km
  • Reload speed: 28s (2.1rpm)
  • 180° traverse time: 36s (5°/s)
  • HE max damage: 4 800
  • AP max damage: 9 700
  • HE fire chance: 35%
  • HE projectile speed: 885m/s
  • AP projectile speed: 870m/s

Air Defence: 16×1 130-mm/45 Mle 1932, 5×2 37-mm/50 Mle 1933, 8×4 13.2-mm/76 Mle 1929

  • 130-mm/45 Mle 1932 range/damage: 5.2km, 53dps
  • 37-mm/50 Mle 1933 range/damage: 3.0km, 11dps
  • 13.2-mm/76 Mle 1929 range/damage: 1.2km, 40dps

Secondary Battery: 16×1 130-mm/45 Mle 1932

1. 130-мм/45 Mle 1932:

  • Maximum firing range: 5.0km
  • Reload time: 5s (12rpm)
  • HE max damage: 1 900
  • Fire chance: 9%


  • Maximum speed: 29.5kts
  • Turning radius: 730m
  • Rudder shift time: 14.06s


  • Surface detectability range: 16.92km
  • Detectability when firing: 26.82km
  • Air detectability range: 11.97km

Consumables: Repair Party, Spotting Aircraft/Catapult Fighter

Sources: WoWs Facebook page, gamemodels3d


3 thoughts on “French Battleship Dunkerque Stats”

  1. The German BB stats are up as well, might want to post that when possible and update the FAQ section on the German BBs when possible.


    1. Ahhh, the FAQ section doesn’t exist, it’s a lie!

      I’ll try to make a couple posts with the German battleship stats. We’ll see, maybe tomorrow! Work has kept me busy, sadly.


  2. i qould buy this thing hell yea! if it has at least 2 quadrupel turrets, more is welcome although if one gets decommisioned, you only have 50% firepower left. and its at tier 6 so its not really expensive although battleships are expensive. and it looks sexy.


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