5.8 and Refer a Friend Reddit Q&A

On Reddit (and Facebook, too, but mostly Reddit) Quemapueblos from the NA Forums did another Q&A! We’ve been rather dry of official info lately, and this one is pretty good and quite long as well; a chunk of it is about a new feature that is being rolled out, the Refer A Friend program, which is currently only available for NA but will also be brought to the other servers as well in time.

Basically, you send someone a the referral link, they start playing WoWs, and the farther they progress the more stuff you get. When they get a tier 6 ship, you get a big pack of goodies, up to three times.

Q: The Refer a Friend thing is cool and all but I’ve already introduced all my friends into WoWs. Kinda wish this program was around before. :/

A: Sorry chief but we won’t be going back and rewarding for previous invites. Regrettably it would be quite hard for us to retroactively try to verify who invited who. The program only covers new users though if they have a WG account and only have played WoT or WoWp they are still eligible to be invited. 😦

Q: Can you refer someone if they already have a WG account (for example, if they play World of Tanks) but have never played WOWS, or is it only for completely new accounts?

A: World of Tanks accounts can be invited as well! Just as long as they haven’t decided to log into Warships recently

EDIT: As Boyarksy mentioned below, they can still be invited as long as they are below Account level 3

Boyarsky-WG: Actually, there are 2 eligibility requirements for recruits: 1. Haven’t played ships for last 3 months OR 2. Have Service Record Level 3 or lower.

Q: 0.5.8 Is a really good patch overall (loving the new ribbons and in client damage counter, very nice touch there.) So my question isn’t patch 0.5.8 specific really, but I’m sure is on the mind of pretty much everyone here. So my Q for Que: Is there any information at all that you could possibly give about the upcoming German battleships?

A: Probably not more than you have already scoured from the internetz but they are coming and we are planning to have a preview available in client similar to the Russian release so you can check them out before launch

Q: Awesome, will we have to download the extended tech tree mod to view them or will we be able to view them by going to the tech tree in the vanilla client to see the previews?

A: The plan is for the the vanilla client, no mods needed

Q: Can you give us a quick rundown on what happened with the Arizona and sigma in the run up to the release and in 0.5.8?

A: Yeah, absolutely. We did some changes to USS Arizona’s sigma during testing. The stats were finalized around a week before we released the ship for sale. No changes happened during 0.5.8 as suspected by some

Q: Any word on when the next ARP even will be for NA?

A: I can confirm there will be another round of ARP events on NA but not when the next round will be. There might be some months that we take off from ARP to run other things like the Mikasa challenge and other events

Q: Is there any word on if the next season of ranked won’t be tier 7? Also is there any way this current season will get extended

Boyarsky-WG: We have announced certain rewards for achieving Rank 1 on time for multiple seasons. It would be unfair to those players who planned their time and probably took days off at work or at home to extend the deadline.

Q: Please for the love of god put a restriction on how many destroyers can be in a match, every match I’ve played today was at least 5 destroyers on each side and it was extremely boring and made me lose my will to want to continue playing ranked

Boyarsky-WG: Yeah, this complaint has been relayed to the team responsible for matchmaker in Ranked mode. It will be addressed.

Quemapueblos: We haven’t decided on final tiers for the next season. We will reevaluate how the season went and what changes we plan on making to the Ranked structure and then probably determine what tier makes sense.

This season is not planned to be extended right now. We want to have something competitive for players so when this season ends we will start up a new one shortly after or bring something like team battle back if it’s ready.

A: I was hoping there would be an exclusive ship for refer a friend like they have in World of Tanks 😥 / heck, I’d even take the free premium ships the friend gets when they reach the designated requirements. Seems like the account doing the referring doesn’t get a whole lot.

A: As the Captain referring players you can earn the Big Chest up to 3 times:

  • 9 million credits
  • 75 of each signal flag in the game
  • 75 Premium Consumable: Damage Control Party II
  • 75 Type 5 EXP boosting Camo
  • 3 Port Slots

Q: According to this response sometime ago: “The experience was positive, but we’d do it if Turkish, Dutch or Spanish players played more actively. Polish players play quite a lot, so we released Blyskawica. The same applies to the Pan-Asian ships. We will add Moltke to the German tree” . Following that way, can we expect see later some ships, at least, individual ones like the Blyskawica, but the ones from South America navies, like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, etc in the game, if the statistics show much activity from the playerbase of that region?

A: It’s definitely an area we are looking into especially with some of the ships that crossed over between navies. Brazil has some interesting early ships as does Argentina.

Q: Really love the new detailed ribbons! A big fan! Any upcoming plans for high tier carriers? There’s quite a perceived imbalance for them between the lines.

A: As I have mentioned in previous Q&As, CVs rebalance and UI rework are definitely sore spots in our game right now that we are looking into but I don’t have any new updates since last time.

Q: I know were getting German BBs, and RN ships this year, but any other navy planned for the next year? Like the French, possible Canada? Defiantly Italy, love to see them. Just out of curiosity. Oh, and could you introduce a British voice for the current RN ships. Please get Jeremy Clarkson to do it. 😀 That would be awesome

A: We got some ideas roughly planned for 2017 but right now we are focusing on how much we can cram into 2016.

Jeremy Clarkson would be awesome. I installed the top gear voice mod when I used to play tanks though my vote would be for Jeremy Irons or Geoffrey Rush (despite him being Australian). I think they could bring some intensity to the role


  1. Can we tone down the notifications about allied team damage to just those that are done to me and those I do to others? I don’t need to know 2 dds on the other side accidentally bumped into each other. It makes battle chat hard to follow when you suddenly get spammed of 20-30 notifications of X has been warned of friendly bumping of Y.
  2. Can you add Iona’s voice in the voice over option like you did for Kongo and Haruna? I like her voice, and the mod I used to get her voice in for all ships does not work anymore.


  1. Yeah. For sure. That’s real annoying right now
  2. It’s something we will add to the client in the future. Hopefully we will see it in the next wave of ARP content

Q: The last 2 months i referred 2 active friends. Now you launch that 😦 First time i’m not late, but too soon. Is there any way to backwards refer anyone? I’d say no because it could be easily cheated, but lets try XD

A: How far have they progressed? Try sending them your invite and see if you can still!

Q: So even if someone has started playing, as long as they haven’t reached Account Level 3 we can still get the R-A-F bonuses?

A: Correct

Q: This is an idea from the Star Citizen subreddit, as Star Citizen has a refer-a-friend program as well. On that subreddit, there’s a tool that will randomly spit out a referral code from a bunch entered in (as in, everyone who’s active on the subreddit puts theirs in). Gives anyone new to the game/subreddit an easy referral code if they weren’t given one by a friend, and gives everyone a shot at getting the referral bonuses for those of us whose friends are already in the game and playing~!

A: Won’t it be easier to just have a single static invite code for reddit that many new users can redeem? Like WoWSRedditDidIt2016 or whatever. The sub-reddit mods used to have one on the sidebar but not sure what happened to it. I’ll look into it

Q: You said the Texas Freedom Camo would be in the client today to purchase. Does that mean it’s moved to tomorrow? If so, what specifically is holding up the activation of the ability to purchase the camo for current Texas owners?

A: Just got confirmation on this one. We will be adding USS Texas Stars and Stripes camo in a micro patch for purchase in the client for 1000 Doubloons next week. Still trying to lock down an exact date but early next week for sure. Mostly the issue is trying to lock down a date for micro patch and what else make sense to include.


  1. Any chances the ‘Refer a Friend thingy’ comes to EU as well?
  2. I like the new 360deg turrets. Any Infos about other (higher tier) ships that will get them? (E.g. Izumon #2 Turret)


  1. Refer a Friend will be coming to other regions in the future! Stay tuned to your region’s portal
  2. Currently there are not any plans to change ships currently in the tech tree to get 360 turrets but future ships we release may have 360 turrets

Q1: There have been mentions of Carrier rework/rebalance. Do you know of any updates/news on this subject? Is there anything about carrier mechanics that you know will not be changed?

Q2: More on-tracks on the way? I like those missions and discounts!

Q3: 0.5.8 just launched with a bunch of awesome features. Considering German BBs are right around the corner there’s a lot going on. However let’s keep the hype train going. Any future details that you can hint for the late summer/fall? 😀 Love the monthly updates btw.


  1. No update right now but it’s a sore spot for us. The UI and the balance needs improvement as well as increasing the support role of CVs
  2. Possibly more ontracks. I think we have another one schedule in the a few but check the portal events page for a month’s preview of the upcoming events for the latest info
  3. We talked about armor viewer previously and new game modes we want to experiment with but we have more cool ideas coming down the pipeline don’t worry 😉

Q: When do we get our Arizona memorial flag from the bundle?

A: You should have received it already. Send in a ticket if you purchased the Deluxe bundle before 0.5.8 and doesn’t see the Arizona flag in port. Also for others with this question, make sure you have high enough account level to see exterior customization.

Q: Will bastion be coming to tiers V-VI later?

A: Possibly in the future. Currently we are monitoring data and gathering feedback on the live server in the top tiers. Once we have a good idea how it working out we may expand it to more players.

Q: When do we get the Armor viewer? Also as an aside to that, gun penetration stats?

A: Fingers crossed it should be ready by 0.5.9 but it depends on if we get all the internal armor models up to spec

Q: Premium ship do have a credit earning bonus? IIRC it used to say something about that on the premium shop page where you buy the ship, as well as on the “Modules” tab in the game but now it doesn’t say anything about that matter.

A: Yes they do! You can check out the training pages for a few bits of info. Premium ships get a few benefits:

  • No research required (all modules unlocked)
  • More Credits earned in each battle
  • Elite status — use Doubloons to convert all your XP to Free XP immediately
  • Assigning Commanders from other ships of the same nation without penalty or retraining

Q: Why arent there more CV premium ships in this game? I love CVS, and its the only type of ship I play. Also please let us make our own load out if we have to wait a long time. ;_;

A: We haven’t focused on premium CVs as its one of the lesser played classes but we wanted to test the waters with Saipan and we didn’t see any major issues so there will most likely be more premium carriers coming but we don’t have any plans in the next month or two to release any new premium CVs

Q: I know you’re sick of this question by now, but….. HMCS Haida. Are there plans to make it in game?

Additionally, will there ever be an Open Beta flag? I didn’t know w the game until OBT was out, and i missed the chance for iwaki and arkansas


HMCS Haida

No plans right now for this ship in 2016 but maybe in the future

Open Beta Flag

Unfortunately no as well. Once we opened it to everyone we didn’t give away any super special rewards

Source: Reddit Q&A by Quemapueblos


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